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Betty’s Week

When Ed and I married almost 60 years ago (will be on June 19), he had been attending Camp Ground Baptist Church with a former girlfriend, the late Betty Ann Hill Williams. Ed was First Methodist, but liked Camp Ground and since I was half Baptist and half Methodist, and was a member of Crowder Baptist Church, he suggested we visit the Camp Ground Church.  

We did, and even though we lived in the city limits at the time, we decided that it would be our church home. Among our first, and until their deaths, our closest friends at the church were Ed and Betty Hill, along with their two children Ronnie and Malinda (just toddlers at the time). 

Others in this close knit group were Mary Alice and L. D. Jones, Huck and Faye Wilbourn, Frank and Robbie Wilbourne, the Hollis Lee Tutors, and the Grade Hardy family. Ed Hill died last week and that leaves only me in this  circle of friends.

Remembered all the great gatherings we had during many years—ice cream suppers at the Jones house, fish fries at the Hill’s home,  many meals at both the Wilbourn’s homes, cake and coffee at the Tutors, and  visiting at the Hardy’s greenhouses.

After we moved to the country, we had several snakes in the house Ed Hill always came to help (even one night at midnight). He also fixed many problems of the house we moved into in the Camp Ground Community, and taught my Ed to do lots of home repairs. He also cooked the best crappie I’ve ever eaten (and I suspect will ever eat). 

Betty made hushpuppies and the first time we went for fish supper, Edwin Earl teased her, stating that one time you get her hushpuppies they are absolutely delicious, but the next time you may be able to use them for steely balls. 

She was so good natured and just laughed and says, “He’s telling the truth.” 

Edwin Earl’s greeting was always a  hug and a peck on the cheek. I’ll miss my hugs and his friendship. It’s so sad to be the end of an era, but I’m so glad that now that I’m almost the oldest person in the church circle I’m happy that younger folks  have come along to be best friends and helpers.

It was so good to visit with many of the Hill family, especially Ron and Malinda, their children, grands, and Ron’s wife, Bettye. Also brothers, Tommy and Jerry, their families, and several of the children and grands of sisters and brothers, no longer with us.

After the very moving service by our former pastor, Rev. Lynn Jones, and the military service, it was wonderful to have a delicious meal, provided by church members and many other of  Ed’s friends. Fellowship was so wonderful—he would have certainly enjoyed his funeral and would have been in that kitchen helping us wash dishes until everyone was ready to go home. He always loaded my van when an event was over and I think Carey Sartain and Travis York took on this chore Thursday—that has always been (and still is) appreciated.


  Going over to the nursing home in Batesville early Friday morning, I saw the cutest little Men-Pen running along the Eureka Road. It has a collar, but didn’t seem street smart. Just knew I was going to see it smashed when I returned home Friday night. Didn’t though, so  hope it got home safely. At that early hour, I hesitated to stop and knock on doors—the little fellow was not actually close to any house. 

Also traveling over I enjoyed the abundance of Queen Anne’s Lace, one of my favorite wild flowers. When we  had to do a lot of decorating for bridal and baby showers, along with other events, I’d pick Queen Anne’s Lace and dye it the color I needed. You can just put water and food color in a canning jar, put in the cut flowers and it will absorb any color—it’s pretty and easy to arrange. 

Had made up my mind to stop and pick some, but since I came home after 9:30 that night I decided that I did not want to take a chance of stepping on a snake picking flowers. I’m sure they will still be in bloom for several weeks. Also, very pretty at this time are Black-eyed Susans—have a patch of them at the beginning of the driveway.

Mom was in much better spirits this week. She had completed her round of antibiotics and was feeling good. She ate well, got  up, went to the shower and did not complain too much—just complained of freezing, which is normal. When you shower in a 12 x 16 area, even with lots of heat, it feels cool.

Jimmie stopped by on her way home from work and brought me up to date on the family. Carolyn’s heart problem was brought on by stress and Bo’s shoulder replacement surgery has been scheduled for June 28—know he’ll be glad to get that over. Now if we can just keep him from overdoing, get the necessary therapy, and let it completely heal, he’ll be okay. 

That will probably also help Carolyn’s stress. Other members of the family are doing pretty good at the present. My only complaint is that I turned the weak knee again, but it seems to be repairing itself yet again.


Saturday, I got a call from a gentleman on East Lee Street, who had received one of my checks. The check was in payment of my Tri-Lake Water Association bill, which was addressed to East Lee St. instead of East Wood St. I met him at the office and will mail the check again, hopefully this time it will make it to its proper destination. Do appreciate the gentleman returning it.


Received a note from M. L. Holdsenback of Hernando, along with his subscription payment. Always enjoy hearing from M.L. It read: “Still enjoy the paper, even if I don’t know half of the people written about any more. Always read you first and always enjoyed the articles about yesteryears (Mr. Parsons, Sissell, and Cooper). Baxter’s stories stirred up many past memories. Always have been proud to say, ‘I’m from Water Valley, MS,’ We had some great people in out town as examples, even tho we all didn’t follow their lead. Take care, A 60’s Rebel.”


Didn’t get to watch much TV this weekend, but was glad to hear that Mississippi State’s baseball team won and will be going to the College World Series. Also, we have another Triple Crown  winner. I do enjoy horse racing, but missed all three events that led to this honor. Have also missed the Masters and most of the other golf games this year. I really do have to get my schedule better so I can see some of the events that I really like.


  Sunday morning and night we enjoyed messages from Daryl Redwine from Coffeeville. He is a lay speaker, but his messages were theologically sound, very enlightening and well delivered. We’d certainly like to have him for a return visit if it’s the Lord’s will. 

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