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Betty’s Week

  I checked with all our vendors last Wednesday and found that all were gong to be open at least in the early part of the 4th. Now we find that papers may not be delivered to us until Thursday morning. So, if we get papers on Wednesday, so will you, but if not it will be Thursday morning before you get to read the news. 


  Woodland Hill Baptist Church has a very active card ministry. On numerous occasions we have written to President Trump, telling him of our support for various actions, and then at other times we’ve expressed our concerns over decisions made. Last week, we received a very nice acknowledge of these cards and we do appreciate it, even though it may have just come from his publicity department. It read:

Dear Friends,

  Thank you for your kind message and prayers. The unwavering faith of the American people has sustained our country through the best and worst of time. As we look ahead, as one Nation, we will fulfill our scared duty and deliver upon the promise of America for all of our people We will strengthen our national spirit and ensure that America continues to shine as a beacon of freedom for all the world to see.

  Melania and I are heartened by your support. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and for keeping us in your payers. 

  God Bless America,

  /s/ Donald Trump, Sr.

  The White House

  Washington, D.C.


  Had a very full week last week, with work, the church, and Mom.

  At work we had to play catch-up, while searching for so many things that had been “put-away”  during cleanup for my 60th party. First customer in I, reached for my paper and pen—found nothing. Laughed, and says, “You’ll have to excuse me while I find something to write with and on.”  They were very patient and after I finally found necessary items to transact business, we tended their need, then enjoy a brief visit. Had to find change, the calculator, ruler, stapler, tape, stamps, and this just went on and on. Not only were these items missing, some desks had been taken away (and their contents combined with other desks). We did get rid of many obsolete and non-operating computers and copiers. Also found ad few things that had been lost (among them Jack’s and David’s rubber snakes that had been used to scare me for years). I should have trashed those things instead of hiding them. Office procedure is almost back to normal.

  Then, church scheduled was rearranged, with the beginning of VBS on Sunday night. We were all one night ahead all week, because normally our Bible School begins on Monday night. We enjoyed a very fun and educational school, with some 50+ students and staff attending each night. I headed the kitchen crew and had wonderful helpers—Wanda and Bud McCluskey, Sammie Cobern, and others as needed. The staff that really put in the hard work, though, was the recreation directors. They took those children outside and played with them in that heat and  humidity. Carey Sartain, Robert Patton, and Travis York came in after each group got to play badminton, basketball, soccer, and other strengous games (and they had to teach these sports) without a dry thread on their clothing. I was really afraid we’d have someone come up with a heat stroke.

  The youngsters seemed to enjoy the recreation, crafts, general assembly, which  included a skit each night, pledges to the flags and Bible, music, and a mission moment each night by Becky York , Bible study, and our refreshments. Margie Pilcher was VBS Director and she did a wonderful job. Music leaders were Michelle Warren and Sammie Cobern and crafts were led by Sylvia Beene and Barbara Griffin, and I’m sure I’ll leave out some teachers, but those I recall were Sammie Cobern, Brenda Morris, Becky York, Ruth Anthony, Mary Risner,  Linda and Rick Neely and they all did great jobs.

  Thursday night was Parents’ Night, with a program, an awards ceremony and a finger food buffet.

 Attending were probably 75-90 parents, students, and staff, and i think everyone had a very enjoyable time.

  Then on Friday I went over to sit with Mom and she was healthy, but  not very active—wanted to sleep most of the day. I kept her awake until I was worn out and then just let her doze. After her shower late in the afternoon, she became her normal self—talking constantly. Ate all her meals and after a late supper she went right to sleep and slept all night.

  Brother Bo had his shoulder replacement surgery Thursday and he is doing fine—just in a bit of pain.

 Thanks to all who have been praying for him. Rance has developed an eye problem, which is now being diagnosed and hopefully treated—prayers for him are requested. Rest of the family is doing fine. Jim and Celeste arrived at their vacation site in  Canada on Wednesday and reported  they were enjoying a balmy 62 degrees. I really should have gone with them.

  Most of Woodland Hills must have decided to take a 4th vacation, because our crowd was really down Sunday. They missed great sermons by Brennon Allen in both morning and evening services. Sunday night it was so good to have his great-grandfather, long-time friend, Bobby Lynn Adams, with us. After the service, others were visiting with him and while I was counting the money, he slipped out, so didn’t get to speak to him.


  Hope everyone has a good July 4th Holiday—I’ll probably sit with Mom, since our Wednesday sitter has a large family and they usually have a holiday cookout.

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