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It’s a Wagner Week and the first letter is to young Wagner brother George, who is off at Cornell. His big sister Corinne lays the guilt trip on pretty thick and gets a jab in at older sister Jessie in the process. The second letter is a fun one from a friend in Vicksburg who had an epic day that started with an all night couple’s party and ended with catching 40 trout.

Plainsfield, N.J.

March 19,1903

Dear George,

I was surprised to hear that you thin of not going home for the wedding. As you say. It is such and unusual event you ought not to miss it. You will probably never have another chance to see a sister married. I should strongly advise you to go.

Eugene and I wanted to go down by boat  to Savannah, but Papa doesn’t approve of that on account of the. Liability to delay at this time of year.

I am glad you are well again. Is the fever epidemic about over? I should think it would hurt Cornell a good deal. I’m glad you escaped.

Has John written to ask you to contribute $25 toward a wedding present for Kalista? He thinks it would be nicer for all of us, you, John, Jessie, Eugene and me, to get her something nice together than to give separate presents.

I am going to look around in N.Y. on Saturday. What do you y’all hon. Of the plan and what would you suggest?


Warner & Seales

Vicksburg, Miss

August 11,1903

My dear George,

Yours of August 6th came all right Friday, I guess. My kid brother carried it in his pocket til yesterday when he handed it to me.

You all must have had fine luck on your last camp hunt to get a wild turkey and only ah e to go seining  every other day. But probably you didn’t have so many mouths. To feed this time. Then I you had a gallon of the red, you wouldn’t have quite as much room left inside for fish and squirrels and all that sort.

Nothing much doing down this way. The baseball team is off around the circuit and we have all the afternoons to ourselves now. Went to a dance last Thursday night and had another good time although there were only fifteen couples. Got home at two o’clock, stayed up til four waiting for election returns and then went up to one of the lakes on a fishing trip. We stayed at the lake all day but only caught about forty perch and trout and they were a little small. It was more than all in when I got home Friday night and only slept twenty two hours out of the next twenty four. 

Am very sorry to inform you that I will have to forego the pleasure of your visit this summer, as the folks are going on a trip over to Colorado, and leave next Monday morning. Why can’t you arrange to drop around into that part of the country for awhile. You could ha e a much better time over there than you could here at this season of the year. Almost every girl in town has gone away and the rest are going.

There is a boy here who is thinking about going to the Boston Tech and I am going to try to persuade him to change his mind in favor of Cornell. If I can’t do it I am going to write  to Stockdale to see it we can’t arrange to room together. Wish you would give me his initials when you write.

Met a new girl here  about a week ago. At least I never saw her before, although she lives here. I see here three or four girls a week now. Have to do the best I can before I move away from here, you know.

Let me hear from you again soon. Write to me here as I don’t knew where I’ll be exactly, probably though at Colorado Springs.


Austin Warner

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