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Last Saturday evening my wife, Lauren, and I attended my 20-year class reunion down in Grenada.  I graduated in a class of 50 from Kirk Academy in 1998.  I will admit that I really didn’t care about going, but with a little encouragement from Lauren and our neighbors, the Redwines, we decided to go.  The night went well catching up with some old friends, talking about kids, and otherwise just hanging out like old times.  

Ten years ago when we had our 10 year reunion almost everybody showed up but this year only 23 of the original 50 showed up.  I know that a good number of our class don’t live in the area anymore but I wish some more people would have come.  Part of the night after dinner was watching a slide show that someone had put together and I have to admit there were some faces in those pictures that I did not know.  

It is funny how you can spend every day around some people and then not remember doing it later in life, I guess the mind is a mysterious thing.  

From my graduating class there are only a handful of folks that I still see every now and then and only one or two that I would consider to be good friends.  I remember back 20 years ago when I was getting out of high school, entering college and meeting and making so many new friends when someone older told me that if I had two or three good friends 20 years later I would be doing good.  At the time I did not believe or understand that but I have to admit that was true. Nevertheless it was good to see all of those old faces if just for a few brief moments.  

Today I have been working on a program that I am presenting to a private group on agriculture production in Yalobusha County and thought you might be interested to know some of the certified production acreage numbers reported to the Farm Service Agency. 

The county has 40,264 acres that were certified in 2018 and I will run through the list of what I would consider the high points.  The highest acreage goes to Bahia grass hay and pasture land with 12,100 acres, corn 680 acres, cotton 4,366 acres, ryegrass 900 acres, peanuts 334 acres, sweet potatoes 2,400 acres, soybeans 3,900 acres and watermelons 40 acres.

My son also wanted me to plug the yard sale that he is helping his grandmother and aunt with on Saturday, Sept. 1, on County Road 212, just past the TVA substation.  He has worked really hard helping get everything ready for this sale and is excited to get rid of some old toys and things from about five different households.  

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