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Betty’s Week

Rushed to get papers delivered Wednesday morning before the aftermath of the hurricane got to  our area. Turns out I had plenty of time, as only late in the afternoon did we get a light drizzle. However, getting to the van after  prayer meeting, I finally encountered a pretty good shower—had a raincoat in the van but didn’t think it would be  needed. 

Ernest Davis, who was picking up Sylvia, had  his pickup parked under the cover and even though he did not have a raincoat or umbrella, insisted on getting me to my vehicle without me getting wet. He had an extra shirt in the pick-up which he wrapped me up in and I went home dry. He  offered to get my van and pick me up under the cover, but I was just going to run, telling him I was going to get in the shower when I got home and that the run in the rain would just be a good start. He still insisted on getting me safely to my vehicle, while he got soaked. Thanks, Ernest, do appreciate all the thoughtful men we have at Woodland Hills.


Going to the nursing home early Thursday morning, I was sure I’d have to drive in rain all the way. Family was worried about me, but I did  not encounter rain until I came through the Eureka Community and then it was only a light shower. Got inside just in time, though, as the bottom fell out and it rained hard most of the  morning.  I had my new book, a gift from Kay McCulley at my 60th Main Street Anniversary Party. I had finally gotten to read a few of the delightful stories and thought it would be perfect for nursing home reading, as you often have to read a couple of pages and then get up for a chore. 

The book is delightful, as well as spiritually uplifting. Author Jimmy Reed, long-time creating writing professor at Ole Miss, wrote this book, titled 100 x 500. It’s a hundred short stories of 500 words or less. 

Having read the introductory remarks I knew that I’d read some of Mr. Reed’s work before. He may have had a syndicated column in some of the state’s newspapers, or perhaps just wrote occasionally for a few newspapers, but I’m sure that’s where I read his works. 

Up until nursing home sittings days I had not read anything but newspapers for many years. Thanks, Kay, the book is wonderful.

Most of the day we had no TV service. Later that night, the feed did come back and I watched the late news, then pushed the button to return to the previous channel, which was UP. Found the movie, “God Is Not Dead,” one I thought I had no interest in seeing. I was up helping mom get water and while waiting on her, got interested in the story. Needless to say, I got hooked and watched to the end—about midnight. It was a very moving story and one I want to see again, especially since I did not start at the beginning. If you’ve not seen this movie, I highly recommend that you watch it.

Carolyn and Bo came by to see Mom and me Friday afternoon and he is doing so well following the shoulder replacement. He lost several pounds and looks about 10 years younger—I’m sure that is from decreased pain. 

Told him about my lizard catch last week and asked him and Rance to remove it when they came over to cut grass. Bo says, “Sis, it will  probably be at least a week or maybe two before we get there. ” 

Then he gave me instructions on how to get lizards. Sharpen sturdy sticks like we used to use to frog gig, spear the lizard and then just toss it and the stick out. Yea, like I’m gong to get that close to a live lizard. 

Saturday morning, got up with the resolve to get the dead lizard out of my house. While working up my courage I dusted furniture in my bedroom,  mopped the floor, and then, still procrastinating,  washed 15 window panes (which had not been touched in 14 years—that was one of Ed’s jobs). Finally devised a plan for lizard eradication that I thought I could manage. 

Took my dust rag (it needed to go after dusting my bedroom), tossed it over the lizard, folded up all five sticky pads and tossed them into a little trash bag. Tied this up snugly, then put it into the big garbage bag and again tied it tightly. This lizard had been dead a week, so I was pretty sure it was safe to leave the bag in the kitchen—didn’t want the dogs scattering it all over the yard. 

Back in the laundry room, I decided to get the three sticky pads that had turned over when I was trying to surround the critter on the pile of towels, off the floor. Have you tried to get sticky pads off a tile floor — it’s not an easy chore. Finally got them pulled up, but, of course, there was a lot of sticky left. I had read that you could use cooking oil to get rid of the sticky. 

Well, I got about a pint of Canola oil, poured it on the floor. I’m glad to report that it does get up the sticky. Then the formula for getting up the oil is to use ultra Dawn (silver bottle). Poured about half a bottle of this on the floor and got up the oil. 

Next I had to get up all the bubbles—took a couple of rolls of paper towels and then a few old worn out towels, which I tossed. I think it would have been cheaper to have replaced the floor and I know it would have been a lot less work. I had intended to take the rest of the day off after getting a load of laundry in. However, decided that if that lizard got in, it was possible that another might make it inside the house also, so I got out more sticky pads and placed a row back in front of the door leading out of the laundry room. Went in to rest until the machine stopped, then came back to put the clothes into the dryer. Stepping down into the laundry room, I tripped and you guessed it, I stepped on the sticky pads—barefooted. 

Finally got the things off my feet. Sitting down on the step, I was able to reach the oil and Dawn, which thankfully I had not returned to the kitchen, oiled down my foot, got it unsticky, then using the Dawn got rid of the oil. All this without getting the floor messy again. Clothes in the dryer, It was back to my sofa to rest some more.

Had baked some pie crust, but pies did not get made. Was glad that I had a pot of soup that just needed to be warmed or I just might have gone hungry. Getting rid of one little lizard is exhausting work.


We were happy to have Rev. Courtney Selby, Director of Missions for Panola County, fill our pulpit Sunday. He brought two very entertaining and uplifting messages. Sunday night he was joined by his wife, Sally, who knew David. She worked for a law firm in Sardis for many years and now works in the courthouse, and both these require interaction with newspapers.  

Enjoyed visiting with both Rev. Selby and his wife. They live on the Bell Road which is a cross road between Pope/Water Valley and Eureka. I’ve for many-years considered crossing all the roads that connect these two roads but Bro. Selby says skip the Bell Road because it is one of the worst in the area. I’ll probably never get to cross any of these roads—I am always out of time.


Football season is still going great. The Blue Devils defeated the Bruce Trojans, a long time arch rival, by a score of 42 – 0. The team will return to the home field Friday night, where they will meet another Calhoun County team, Calhoun City—one they have tangled with for many years. Congratulations Blue Devils.

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