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Betty’s Week

As I delivered papers Wednesday morning, everyone wanted to know more about the  missing woman in last weeks paper. Well, unfortunately I did not have any further information. We have a little update in this week’s paper.

Snooky Williams was not at his usual Wednesday Dunn’s breakfast club meeting, but I visited with him for a few minutes at Sprint Mart and he reported that he is doing better. He’s always a joy to talk to, usually has a great story. 

The table was almost full at Dunn’s, but I didn’t have time to go back for the news there. On the way down to deliver papers at B.T.C. later in the morning, one of the Dunn Breakfast Club members, Sammy Anthony, came down the street and yelled for me to pick up the pace. Well, he was in a pick-up and I was on foot, so I was going as fast as I could. If he wants to run a race, he’ll have to get on foot, also.

At Dunn’s I visited with long-time friend, Frank Berle Brooks, who was off to do some harvest work. We like to talk about former farming days—he’s almost as old as me and we remember when farming demanded much more exercise, but less money. He was sharing the price of some of the  modern day farm equipment — it’s mind boggling.

Talked to youngest brother, Don, Monday morning and he was sharing that he’s about to retire again and go back to being a part-time farm hand. He loves farming, as our whole family does —well maybe not Jimmie, all she knew how to do well was cut down the cotton, once it had been gotten out of the grass. 

Farming memories just went on and on last week. On Sunday, we were privileged to have Rev. Dan Robertson filling our pulpit. In an illustration during his sermon was, “Have any of you every picked cotton?” 

Of course my hand went up, along with many more. Then he asked if anyone could  pick a 100 pounds a day?

Again my hand went up, as did a few more. Finally he quit by asking if anyone could pick 200 pounds a day and my hand was the only one up. 

Sunday night after the service he says, “You could really pick two hundred pounds a day.” Told him, I could and even more if I really picked hard and had a long day. However, I had to admit that I was sure glad he had used picking as his illustration and not chopping—I was probably the worst cotton chopper in Mississippi. Both sermons were very inspiring and instructive. Sunday night we got an added surprise as he and his wife, Jane, presented special music, with him accompanying them on guitar. They both have beautiful voices and he’s an accomplished musician.


As per my weekly activities in the nursing home, I watched a couple of Hallmark movies. Was surprised that they both featured some books that I had not thought about in years. Made me want to search my library to see if they were still on the shelves. Ed and I both loaned our books and sometimes they were never  returned. 

One was about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and also The Adventures of Huck Fin. Found Ed’s original Tom Sawyer, with his name written in by him at a very early age. Pages were falling out, so I know it had been read over and over as Ed was prone to do with a book he especially liked. Also found a newer copy of Tom Sawyer and of Huck Fin. I have both out on the table to re-read. Next movie called attention to Advise and Consent. Found a copy of this book, also, and glancing through it, I decided that I cannot remember ever reading it. I was such an avid reader in my youth and teen years that I have trouble believing that I missed this one. Also, plan to read it.

Then in our Discipleship Training lesson reference was made to Henry Blackly’s “Experiencing God.” Have read this, but it was years ago, so it needs a refresher course. We also used this book for a study course years ago.


Turned on the TV Monday morning to see how the aftermath of Florence was progressing and was surprised to find that they were preparing to evacuate 8,000 more people as the rivers continued to rise. Flooding just continues. Also, more rain was predicted for our area and have just witnessed about an hour of hard rain.

During the five minutes I had to wait for the weather, I was disgusted by the sexual problems in our land. Saw Bill Cosby, Brett Kavanaugh, along with a couple of cold cases that have now been solved by DNA. 

As I watched about Kavanaugh, I decided that it was a he-said-she-said situation and who knows who is telling the truth. We live in a fallen society and only God knows the truth and only He can settle the cases justly.


I’m enjoying a birthday today (Monday) received so many gifts and calls. Thanks to all of you for remembering me—friends and family are wonderful.


Was so sorry to hear that the Blue Devils came out on the short end of the scoreboard in the Water Valley/Winona game Friday night. Was as close as it could be though—21-20. I’m sure they’ll probably win the rest of the season’s scheduled games and they still may go to state. Friday night the Devils will meet Holly Spring on the Holly Springs field. Good luck!

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