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After last week, I know you all have heard more than you ever needed to know about the trials and tribulations of the bathroom in my house. But I felt I wouldn’t be thorough in my reporting if I didn’t follow up by mentioning how, a couple of days after The Great Flood, a three-foot snake slithered into my bathroom. 

Right past my child who was, shall we say, seated. He wasn’t seated for long, though! The sound vibrations from the household screaming probably registered on some sort of scientific detection device somewhere and my oldest kid grabbed a baseball bat like we were getting robbed. 

But no worries. I solved the problem by scaring the snake into the bathroom cabinet, stacking books in front of the door so it wouldn’t open and promptly ignoring everything snake related for two days. 

I was busy! A couple of days later I checked the cabinet and the snake was gone. Problem solved. I hope that snake learned his lesson. Don’t mess with a compartmentalizer – I will literally put you in a compartment. 

It’s a Wagner Week so here’s a letter from this time about 117 years ago. I actually found a massive stack of very heartfelt love letters to Jessie but I’m reluctant to publish them because if any one of the Wagners is going to come back and haunt me for publishing all their business in the newspaper, then it will most definitely be Jessie. 

I figured after the week we’ve all had with what’s on the news and after the snake in my cabinet then I could go with a haunting. Maybe one day I’ll build up the nerve to publish one. Until then, here’s D.R. 

Wagner & Company

Water Valley, Miss Oct 13, 1901

Dear Eugene, 

Your 2 letters to hand. Hereafter I will write you every Sunday. I have been having indigestion BAD lately. 

We are having fine weather now. You can get the clothes at Hannamakers. Go slow tho! You don’t want to buy too many things. You know that my expenses are very heavy. I am glad that you are doing well. Aunt Sis & Emma & children will come down next month, we will be glad to have them. Business is fair. Cotten is coming in freely now. We have a fine crop. We are making Pea Vine & hay on the farm now. We go down once or twice a week. We have a very good manager. I will deliver your message to Mr. Able. 

Did you read the Saturday Night Review? It’s good this week.

Jessie came home Friday. She is a good time & Hiram does not talk of anything else since he returned.

Jessie looks better, Kallie, Georgie & Jess & Eva & Dudley & Mabry are all well and often speak of you & want to see you, so do I. We all send you much love.

Your affectionate father,


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