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I am glad that the recent weather pattern of rainy gloomy, overcast skies is finally breaking and the farmers should be able to get back to the harvest season in the next couple of days.  After losing a week of harvest time, they will have to play catch up to get back on track.  Let’s all hope that the rainy weather will hold off for a couple of months now.  

Last week I had the honor of meeting with the newly appointed Mississippi Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson and giving him an update on agriculture in Yalobusha County.  The Commissioner was traveling around our area and further north, just sharing his agenda and beating the bushes, as you could say.  I will say that he was very interested and impressed with the diversity of agriculture and industry in our county.

The 159th annual Mississippi State Fair will start this week and continue for a couple of weeks. I will be working the livestock shows from Friday, Oct. 5, to Tuesday, Oct. 9.  The state fair is always a fun time of the year and is slam full of any kind of carnival food that you could ever dream of.  I was telling someone earlier this week that I always looked forward to the sweet corn on the stick and a polish sausage sandwich.  

One other thing about the fair is that there is a steady stream of fair goers walking through the livestock barns looking at the animals and asking questions.  This is a prime opportunity to provide the correct information about livestock care and farming in general to those individuals who have questions.   

The Yalobusha County Forestry Association will host their fourth quarterly meeting on Oct. 4 in the Multi-purpose building in Coffeeville at 6 p.m.  The topic will be choosing a Forestry Consultant, presented by Dr. Brady Self.  There will be a meal provided for this meeting and all non-members will be asked to pay a $10 fee to cover the meal. 

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