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We all know the old saying, just tell God your plans and sit back and watch him laugh.  Well, He laughed at me some this past weekend.  I had plans and was supposed to work the State Fair Livestock show last weekend but had kidney stone pop up earlier in the week on Monday.  

I had an appointment with an urologist in Oxford on Thursday to talk about it.  The stone was too big for me to pass so I was scheduled for a quick procedure on Friday morning where they go in and crush the stone, remove it, and install a stint for kidney drainage.  The procedure went fine but in recovery my heart went into AFib causing me to stay through Sunday evening in the Oxford hospital.  

My heart was eventually shocked back into rhythm after the medicine didn’t correct the problem.  So now I am recovering at home for the next few days eating “yogurt and pudding” instead of sweet corn on a stick and deep fried Oreos.  I am just glad that I wasn’t at the fair when this problem arose and would like to thank everyone who called to check in on me and all that prayed for me during this time.  

Although I was laid up in a hospital bed and not out working I was entertained by some really good college football games. I am not really a big football fan but do enjoy it, especially if I have nothing else to  do. The Texas-Oklahoma game proved to be the first on Saturday in a good many games that were entertaining.  Ole Miss won in what seemed to be a little more than a scrimmage for them.  The Bulldogs faced Auburn at home, and I gave no chance of winning before the game judging on the way State had played the last couple of weeks.  Surprisingly the Bulldogs played up to their talent level and managed to handle Auburn fairly easy.  Congratulations to both Ole Miss and Mississippi State for wins this past weekend. 

I heard that during my brief, three-day, two night stay in the new hospital that I missed some very hot temperatures – I am glad for that reason that I was confined to a bed.  

The  forecast is showing a cooling trend coming late this week and will be very welcome when it arrives.  The cotton gin lot had only a few modules of cotton on the yard on Friday but was really filling up on Monday.  Also right across the street from the Yalobusha Gin, Burney Farms is harvesting peanuts, which is a dusty affair. I heard from someone those fresh peanuts sure were good roasted with a little salt.  

Fall brassica crops such as turnips, mustard and broccoli are subject to attack by a number of insect pests.  This includes caterpillar pests such as diamondback moth, cabbage loopers, cross-striped cabbageworms, and armyworms; beetle pests such as yellow margined leaf beetle, vegetable weevil, and cucumber beetles; as well as grasshoppers.  Risk of damage is greatest during the period between crop emergence and the onset of sub-freezing temperatures, but pests such as yellowmargined leaf beetles can continue to cause damage throughout the winter.

Gardening tips this week were provided by Dr. Blake Layton, Extension Entomologist.

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