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Street Talk

There is going to be a planned power outage in town scheduled for all day on Saturday, November 3. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), the entity that supplies our city electricity, is doing major repairs and upgrades to the transmission lines that feed the city electric power transformers. The city electrical department is also taking this day long outage to replace critical poles in town. This system update will clearly inconvenience residences and businesses, but it is all part upkeep on what is essential in our lives, electricity.

Water Valley was the first town, so I’m told, in North Mississippi to be electrified in 1907. The old electric power house is on the corner of Gore Street and Blount Street (pronounced “Blunt,” please get that as well as Dupuy Street (pronounced “Do-Pee”). Back then as is now, the nature of electricity is that it must be essentially used as soon as it is created.  Every town had a generation house or station. So, all electricity was locally made and free standing from other grid systems. That’s not the case anymore. The electricity you use now was made just seconds ago, but it could have been generated here in Mississippi or nearby Alabama or Tennessee. And in the big picture we’re connected to other grids, as a generating entity like TVA will buy or sell power based on needs around the country.

If you don’t know about TVA, you should.  They supply electricity to parts of seven states, and how they came to be, it is a fascinating story. The electrification of a big chunk of the rural south was an economic game changer. Here’s their mission statement, I just love how they use “Valley” in it. Like we’re all in one big valley:

“Our Mission: TVA was created by Congress in 1933 and charged with a unique mission—to improve the quality of life in the Valley through the integrated management of the region’s resources. For more than eight decades, we have worked tirelessly to carry out that mission, and we are working just as hard to make life better for the nine million people who live, work and play in the Valley today.”

Please plan ahead for November 3. 

Our Valley was packed last Saturday for the 10th annual Art Crawl. Sidewalks were full and downtown was parked up. With an event like this, spread out over downtown and the nearby neighborhoods, it is really hard to get a crowd number. The informal survey method came back that it was larger than ever. 

It is a fun moving party, but it has had a very positive benefit as it has been the way many people get introduced to the Valley. I even know of few who have come back after and bought houses and live here. That’s an unintended effect, but a good one.


What’s so great is that it is a free event, with every venue hosting and underwriting their costs. The overall promotion costs, details, map fans, and other needed stuff is underwritten by the Crawl’s sponsors. This year the sponsors were Mechanics Bank, Turnage Drugs, Tommy Reynolds, Tri-Lake Eye Clinic, Dial Back Sound Studio, the Vinyl Vipers, and Seven Oaks. A very big thanks for supporting the creative life in Water Valley.

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