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Betty’s Week

Thanksgiving weekend plans changed for me drastically shortly after noon Wednesday. Our printer did not get newspapers to us until about noon. David took the north end paper drops and Mel and I took the south end. Mel drove and I was hoping in and out delivering the papers. Did fine at Larson’s, but when we got to Water Valley Food and Gas Mart, things changed drastically. 

I got the papers out of the SUV, and started  into the store. Coming past the door of the vehicle, I caught my toe on a crack in pavement of the parking lot and fell flat on my back. Fortunately, the only damage done was a few scratches on my right hand and damage to the knee that had been hurt over a year and a half ago. 

Plans were to sit with Mom, my usual  Thursday, which was Thanksgiving (watch the parade), then Thursday night and Friday. Jimmie would take over the night meal Friday, and I would attend the ballgame in Sardis Friday night. Well, at game time I was home with an ice pack and Advil gel caps, barely able to walk from the bed to the bath and from the den to the fridge. 

Was glad the damage from the fall was no worse than it was—broke no bones, had no bruises, and no concussion. Was so sorry to have to miss the ballgame, though. 

We finished the paper Tuesday about 4:30 and I got to the church for the end of the meal for the family of Mary Alice Hayles and got to see her daughter, Alice Faye, and her husband “Butch” Chittom. 

I see Butch often, but had not seen Alice Faye in many years. Also enjoyed a long visit with her nephew, Ronnie Dickey, one of my favorite kids. He began urging me to attend the ballgame and Becky and Travis York were going to pick me up at the nursing home. Everyone is so nice to keep me well cared for and entertained. 

Well, it apparently was  not God’s will for me to see that ballgame. However, Becky did call to tell me the score and I got to shout in her ear. I was so happy to hear that the Blue Devils had defeated Sardis by a score of 43-28 and were going to State again for the first time since 1990. 

Remember that game vividly—it was so cold. Betty and Ed Hill had ridden down to Jackson with Ed and me (all three of them now in heaven). Got to Jackson early and enjoyed a day of shopping and eating, before going to the stadium to freeze. We bought some electric socks used by sportsmen and they were life savers. Ed had trouble with his cameras though—it was so cold the mechanisms froze. 

Fortunately, we always took two cameras, so I kept one warm under my socks, while he used the other and by swapping them out he was able to get pictures. Told you it was an interesting night. Wish I could go to Hattiesburg Friday morning, but still am not able to walk well enough for that. However, the weather does sound like it will be more enjoyable than the Jackson trip, and from what I hear there will be a crowd of Vallians in attendance. Good luck, team.


  My weekend was spent staying by myself for the longest period of time in my entire life and I found that I’m not a loner—I’m definitely a people person. Ate way to much, although I did not have any turkey, dressing or the usual Thanksgiving menu. 

Ate what was in the kitchen fridge and I was glad it was well stocked. Had left over pot roast, lima beans, corn, vegetable/beef soup, ham and bean soup, kale one pot meal, ham and dumplings, lots of salad makings, peach cobbler, chocolate cake, and strawberry mousse, with plenty of ice tea, Diet Coke, milk, rolls, biscuits and cornbread. Saturday I got to where I could stand for a longer period of time and made Rotel dip and Smores—really needed those.


Watched the Thanksgiving Parade for the first time by myself—for 45 years it had been with Ed and Mom, then for the past 14 with just Mom and me, unless some other family members got to her house early. During the first hour of the parade I had to watch it on CBS and their coverage is not as good as NBC’s. 

For some reason Channel 9 was off the air, but came back on for the second half and the parade was much more enjoyable. The bands were so good, both their marching and music. Saw one from Homewood, Ala. and one from Lafayette, La. and they indicated that there was a band from Mississippi. If so I missed it—probably was on the phone with one of Mike Espy’s commercials. 

Those irritating calls should not be allowed on holidays. I know many people were interrupted by calls during lunch and dinner or just while visiting. On a normal day I would just have ignored calls, but knew if I didn’t answer that phone, someone would be on their way to check on me—family and friends had told me not to worry about falling, because they’d be there if I didn’t answer. Should have  had my cell in my pocket, but it was in the van and I didn’t dare go outside and chance falling there—especially up and down wet steps. Made it fine, though, and leg is slowly getting better.


Sunday I got into the shower for the first time since Wednesday morning. Had also worn the same PJs for three days and four nights—glad I didn’t have company or have to go to the hospital. Got dressed, made it safely to the van and to church. I did require valet parking, drove up to the kitchen door got out and asked Travis York to park the van in my spot, which he graciously did. Even made it up the steps into the choir. Then Bud McCluskey got to be my parking attendant for the homeward trip. Not only did he get me into the van, he and Wanda followed me home to make sure I got inside safely. 

Rev. Johnny Flynt brought our messages Sunday. He was a long-time baseball coach for Ole Miss and also was a pastor at North Oxford Baptist. Sunday morning’s message was on commitment—to God,  His word, prayer, family, the church, Godly daily living, and one more I don’t remember – was a very inspirational message. Then Sunday night he taught, in parables from his own life experiences and they were wonderful.


Don’t forget that the Blue Devils will play for the State Title Friday, beginning at 11 a.m., in Hattiesburg—go if you possibly can—wish I could.

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