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It’s a Wagner Week and once again I found a reference to the famous Roosevelt bear hunt and the even more famous supper he took at The White House with Booker T. Washington. I haven’t read a single reference to that supper in these letters that wasn’t snide and dismissive. Those two traits seem to still be the current norm for political reaction of any kind and from any “side.” Laugh at the concerns of others, scoff at what’s important to a fellow human being. People haven’t changed much, have they?

Another way people haven’t changed is that they wrote to each other while under the influence of alcohol! I have come to get a real grasp on spotting the clues for when a letter-writer is a bit tipsy….from handwriting to spelling to the complete omission of essential helping verbs. Ol’ Longinotti here was having a good time writing this letter. What is today’s “drunk text” is yesterday’s “drunk letter.”

Not sure what exactly happened on that possum hunt but it seems like maybe Alice has an alter ego named Sally and it was discovered while in the woods? 

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Water Valley, Miss Nov 22, 1902

My Dear George! 

I am still alive in the land of the living, but sorry to say I am due you an apology for not writing to you sooner but I had so much to do here of late that I could not put the mess of brains together long enough to write to my old comrade and friend. “Slap Joe” how are you getting along up in “Teddie’s” state, the man who dined with “Mr. Negro?”

I suppose you know that Teddy was in Miss gaming for the bear. We all were there. A crowd from here was down there the same time. Gus and I was along. I went out several times gunning for bear but it happens they were afraid of Jimmie’s face. But never the less, we bagged three nice deers for the week and had a great time there.

Well George I suppose you have heard of the death of Barker. His mother is now suing the widow for $10,000 damage and everybody seems to think that she will get something. I certainly hope that she will get enough to live on if nothing else.

Old Harry S has quit here and is running somewhere in Virginia and has a good job. 

What you wrote on the back of your letter that was delivered in the A.M….Sally and I did not know until one night we were out opossum hunting and was talking to Miss Alice when Mable spoke to her calling her Sally then I up and told her what you had written me. She said then she would write you which I guess she has done by this time.

We are having a fine show here. This week is the “Peyton Sisters.” George, they are the finest that ever came down the pike. But the people do not appreciate a good show here anymore. The new opera house stacks up finer. I think I am in Buffalo seeing “Away down East” down on “Star Street” as Jenny says. 

Hugh and his beautiful bride have a room at the Hotel. Dr. Herring at the corner of Panola and Main.

Well old comrade,  we certainly do miss that Slap Joe face of your but I look up at the beautiful one of Jno Wesley and think of you. Everyone sends their regard to you. Hoping to see you some day soon, will close for this time,

I am your friend,

J Longinotti

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