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Street Talk

Well, wow. What a week to live in Water Valley! I think Lenora Woodard said it best when she didn’t say anything at all. Because she knew that mere words could not express what could only be conveyed through a mixture of modern dance, contortion and acrobatics. As a former cheerleader myself, I must say, that was the best split I’ve ever seen. 

I was waitressing at Ajax in Oxford during the game and the other three waitresses working there that day from Water Valley (Nicci Hinkley of Leland Street, Katherine Montague of Main Street and Karen Turnage of somewhere-out-in-the-country) were watching the game via all the live Facebook feeds  streaming – everyone from school administrators to the sheriff were streaming. 

I don’t have a high school age kid yet so I don’t know a whole lot about those kids who are older than mine. But you better believe my 11-year old son does. He and his buddies know all the players names and look up to them greatly. So for me, as someone who didn’t grow up going to these games and was not as emotionally invested, it was a lot of fun to watch the town have so much fun. I felt happy for everyone. It’s nice to see joy en masse. I felt happy for my kids who get to grow up idolizing other kids in town.

It’s hard to be the best at something, from what I hear. And it’s especially hard to be the best at something that everyone else is trying heir hardest to be the best at. Big kudos to these kids. I hope every time our kids are the best at something, no matter what it is, that we support their efforts with such enthusiasm.

There was a point, though, where I thought the fervor over our win might tip the scales. Everyone got so excited that a friend joked (maybe?) we should all run outside and tip over cars and light stuff on fire. I know there was a lot of celebrating all over town that night. 

I know this because not only did I hear wild stories from Panola Street (Hey, Casey!) but because the Christmas parade the next day was fairly subdued. I mean, it was great, as usual, but I got the sense that the town was collectively…tired? A bit under the weather, perhaps?

But despite a slow recover from a night of celebration, nothing can stop Water Valley from being it’s funny self. The Famous Front Porch Jeep of Central Street made an appearance. I was delighted to see it for the first time positioned in a non-45 degree angle and with somewhere to go, as I usually see it in a perpetually uphill state and blocked by a house door. I learned later that the jeep gets parked on the front porch by a dad to entertain his kids. What’s not to love about that?

The cutest part of the parade this year, though, was all the little bare feet of the various sunroof riders. I have about 20 pictures of various children, riding atop cars, dressed to the nines from the ankles up, barefoot like it’s mid-July. 

Congratulations, Water Valley, on a good, fun week and on coming together and being an exceptionally entertaining little place to live. 

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