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It’s a Wagner Week and this letter if from Jessie’s Aunt Ella. She’s clearly a certifiable savant in family trees. I cannot, on the other hand, figure out Aunt Laura’s relationship to her son-in-law who seems to not have every been married to one of her daughters? I’m so confused!

Water Valley, Miss


My dear Jessie,

I just now looked at your last letter to the date and was astonished to find how long ago it was written. Time certainly does fly. 

I have just finished a letter to Aunt Laura telling her when to expect you. She will be out in the country, was to move this week, out on a river farm and lives with her son in law, Mr Hedrick. His wife died and left five children and Aunt Laura stays there and cares for him and his father and little ones. He has a daughter about sixteen, at school in Washington Cty. She will be home last week of June. 

You are expected at Mr. Ciscero Baskers. He married cousin Mary, Aunt Laura’s oldest daughter. From all I hear of her she is a noble woman and he a kind, free hearted, generous man. There you will find cousin Julia Ramsey, widow, with two daughters, Aunt Laura’s third daughter. Then Carrie, Ella, John and Ed all make their home there. Will & Mary with their little family love on the place somewhere and cousins Frank and Mary with their little flock. So, you will see all the family except one son, Archie, who is married and lives in Charlotte. His wife is Bessie. 

We have other relatives in Charlotte but not so near. We have a good many in Statesville but I guess you will not go there. Cousin Tommie Young lives in Mocksville. The weather will be very hot and I don’t think you will feel like traveling.

You must go to the Presbyterian Church and hear Dr. Rumple. He received me into the church. I do not suppose he remembers it but I do. He has been preaching there all these many years.

The people I know there I suppose are all gone, some married and moved away to other places, some dead and gone to the unknown country. To me, it does not seem long since I was there but I know it has been a long time when I go to think and count events. 

Twas before your mother was married and when I was young and in my prime, as you are at present. I was about as old as you are now when I last saw those people you expect to see Salisbury is the home of “Christian Reid,” the author. She was a beautiful young lady when I was there. She is married since and lives in Mexico.

I spent a day with your mother last Monday. I read your little article in the Magazine and of course thought it good. 

I enclose you a few scraps that interested me. I hope they will prove to you. 

Your uncle Philip left for home this morn. He said he had a nice pleasant visit.

Today is very cool and pleasant, must have rained somewhere near. 

I will be glad to see you when you come home. I told Aunt Laura you would be there second week in July.

My best love to Corinne as well as yourself.

Your Aunt Ella

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