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Betty’s Week

Last Saturday night after taking a cheesecake out of the oven (just made it), I was resting on the sofa while watching one of the cute Hallmark movies, before returning to the kitchen. Just got settled in with my glass of tea and the lights went out. They had blinked earlier in the day when  I had just put a pie in to brown the meringue and I panicked. However, they came right back on and everything was fine. 

I drank tea in the dark for about 15 minutes before deciding that this was going to take more time to remedy. So I got into PJs, brushed my teeth and washed my face, all by the light of my trusty flashlight. 

Got into bed, but was not sleepy, so checked my bedside table to see what reading was available. Found John Grisham’s “Skipping Christmas,” my favorite of his books and the one I’ve read several times. It makes me cry a little and laugh a lot, so by the light of my flashlight I read a couple of chapters before getting sleepy. 

Lights went off shortly before eight and came back on a little after ten. With all the lights in the house left on, the return of power popped my eyes open. Got up and watched a bit more TV—didn’t try any more cooking because I was afraid the repair might  not be permanent.


Sunday morning I got out of bed at the usual time for a work day, showered and then stood in the middle of the room deciding how to dress (or better yet what event I was dressing for). Finally decided it was Sunday, so put on my church clothes, gathered up my Bible, Sunday school book, and set off for Woodland Hills, hoping I was going in the right direction—was not sure I didn’t need to go to the Herald or nursing home. Schedule has certainly been scrambled for the last two weeks.

Dodged that one, because church was where I needed to be. Enjoyed a very inspirational Christmas message delivered by Brennan Allen, a young man whom I believe God is going to use in a mighty way. We did not have a night service, as so many of the congregation had family members coming in or they were going to visit family. 


I always have some good animal stories. My Sunday night (Dec. 23) sighting is almost unbelievable and I saw it with my eyes wide open. Was talking on the phone with Wanda McCluskey, using the den/kitchen phone and looking out the back glass door. A large critter caught my eye, walking about half-way up in the yard, just at the edge of the security light. Saw only its rump and it really looked like one of Santa’s reindeer. It ambled on off and here comes another one, about the same size, but it had no antlers (saw its head). These deer did not look like our white tail variety. Wish I had seen the head of the first one, really wanted to know if it had reindeer antlers. Haven’t seen them again, so maybe Santa caught them.

Many, many years ago there was a deer that roamed in Panola County for several years that many folks saw. I kept hearing all the stories and thought they were surely exaggerated until I met the fellow face to face. Was traveling the Eureka Road, coming home from Mom’s late one afternoon, when I came upon this deer standing in my lane. 

There was no traffic anywhere so I just stopped, hoping he’d move on. He didn’t—just stood his ground with me and my Volkswagen. His nose was against my windshield and his antlers were numerous and were well above the top of my bug. We sat there for what seemed like forever eyeballing each other. Finally he decided he’d had enough of me and ran off into the trees. I heard several years later that he had been killed and it seemed like I’d lost a friend. I hoped that the hunter who had killed him had made a picture, but if they did I never saw it. The two Sunday night appeared to be about the size as this fellow from years ago.


Monday I continued with my Christmas cooking. Decided to try making divinity, even with the high humidity. Was delicious but  had to be eaten with spoons—no one seemed to mind. Fudge, peanut butter fudge, brownies, chocolate pies, lemon pies, cheesecake and caramel cake all turned out fine. Also cooked a pork loin, using Rendezvous rub which was delicious, along with baked beans, potato salad and cole slaw—not your typical Christmas dinner. 

Felt bad that I had not made turkey, ham and dressing with all the trimmings when Bill asked where the dressing was—he wanted to take it in first. He also wanted ambrosia and I’d almost made a gallon of that favorite, since I had a bag of oranges needing to be eaten. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and I don’t think anyone went home hungry.

Opening presents is always a fun event in our family. Adults draw names and we all give gifts or money to the children. Usually, adults express a preference for their gift. This year I wanted the little Mercury pickup Hallmark ornament and Brother Rance had my name. He tried so hard to find the gift I wanted—it was not available in Batesville or Oxford, and the stores there also called neighboring cities and none of these ornaments made it into our area. David says wait until next week and I will probably find them on-line at half-price. I really love my substitute gift, though—a beautiful jacket.

Was so much fun seeing the toys the children got—everything from retro toys like dolls, tea sets, dinosaurs and Legos to hi-tech Blue-Tooth speakers, lap tops, phones, and all sorts of powered toys. First list I could enjoy; second list I’m no good with, glad the two year olds can operate them. Oh, and Caroline got a pony (real), with saddle, bridle, and riding boots. She assured me that I could ride it, but she thought I’d probably rather ride the big horse. However, she gave this some more thought when I told her I’d never ridden a horse in my life.


The New Year’s paper requires another complicated printing schedule. Paper of January 3 has to be in the printer’s hands by Friday, December 28, and will be delivered locally on Wednesday, January 2.

Hope everyone has had a happy New Year.

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