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Y’all, it’s Tuesday morning as I write this and I just watched The Science Project walk out the door of my house, folded up and carried by my kid. It disappeared into carpool where I will never see it again. 

Watching that triboard leave my home is most definitely the happiest moment of my week. Now, I’ll say I do think both parents and kids learn something by doing these science projects. I bet they learn a little science but I imagine they mainly learn how not to kill each other when collaborating on a poster. 

My kid, to his great credit, was really good about his project. He didn’t procrastinate at all and was kind of into it. Of course, he picked a project that involved hitting baseballs over and over again, which is basically what he’d be doing anyway so good on him for choosing “sports science.” 

The point of this is that I think it’s important to remember that what we parents did this week working on our one or two (or three, but God bless you!) projects with our kids is what the teachers do everyday. Except with a whole classroom of kids. 

It’s still a Wagner Week and below is a letter to George from an Oxford friend who is about to get her teaching license. I swear, I have looked at that word every single way and it says nothing except “Mrs. Fat-face.” So, there’s that. I also like this woman because she decided to be a teacher, like, the day before. She also says phrases like “One of whom, I shall be which” and “Write me your summer places.” Goals.


May 1903

My Dear George,

Ever since I returned from my little trip of three weeks I’ve been as busy as I could well be helping the Wrights get ready for Commencements ( I write this out in order that I may write you a long and interesting letter.)

Owing to your kindness I was permitted to once more to look upon the smiling face of Mrs. Fat-face.

By they way, the whole week will be in evidence now. Every thing and every body is rushing to come. 

But you hadn’t heard about me, had you? There are more changes for me in the family. Don’t smile and say — at last! For it is not matrimony that has struck me, Oh no! I am going to teach in the public school here next year. Maria Harlow and I have decided to RAISE the standard for them, but when I consider the Co. Exam I guess I’ll level it. I never dreamed of such a thing until about a half day before the Board met. But I was elected and I go in for better or for worse. What on Earth will I do with my slang?

When are you coming back? Do come back and put your dinner in my tin bucket out to the summer school. Chancellor is expecting about a thousand to be in attendance — one of whom, I shall be which.

Write me your summer places. I shall not feel very comfortable until I’ve successfully passed the exam in July.

It has been so busy since Ive even thought about a school book.

Write soon.

Very sincerely,


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