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Betty’s Week

 With the end of deer season, traffic has slowed down at Dunn’s. Fishing must not be very good either—no boats or bait pails were there. Traffic has been pretty slow in the entire Valley—did visit with my garbage truck friends and saw a couple of school buses last Wednesday morning after delivering the papers. 

Apparently many folks come from the west to work in the Valley, because most of the vehicles I saw were coming towards me on my trip out and either in front or behind me on my journey back to town on Hwy. 32. Glad to see that our plants and other businesses are employing so many people from out of town.

Wednesday night the young folks at Woodland Hills enjoyed a Valentine supper of tacos and cupcakes, prepared by Sylvia Beene. The young folks also received apples and a goodie bags from the other staff members. I was also included in the Valentine gift giving—Margie Pilcher gave me apples and the cutest tiny lollipop, 

Cathy Patton gave me one Hershey Kiss, and several of the young folks gave me a big hug. They all know I’m diabetic, so they make sure I don’t eat anything I don’t need. Temptation really needs to be avoided and I appreciate it. 

Earlier in the day Anne and David Burke had brought by some delicious home-made caramels, made with sorghum. I could have eaten the whole box, but I have rationed them and even shared with Mel and David. Ed always gave me a box of chocolate covered cherries, but I’m sure if he were still with us I’d have gotten red roses—he knew I would have eaten the whole box of candy in one sitting. He would have just received a bottle of cherries—didn’t want his fruit messed up with chocolate.


My Town and Country van had brake warning lights coming on, so I gave it to George Crocker to repair. This meant driving the Dodge van, my backup. For two vans to be so similar—there’s a lot of difference. The white van has a lot more automation, doors open and close electrically, the key is in a different place and everything on the dash is configured differently. It also wants to run 70 mph has much more power on acceleration and the steering is much tighter. Got back in the T&C Monday morning and had to adjust my driving procedure completely. I’ve driven the silver van for 10 years and maybe have driven the white one 10 times, so my routine was easier to ease back into.

I made two trips to the nursing home in Batesville—Thursday and Frida. Brother Bo had a bit of surgery and is unable to handle Mom, so I filled in for him on Thursday. I leave  home about 6:15, which allows me to miss the school buses and also most of the traffic headed for work. Right  now, that is just about the time the sun is rising and since I’m going west it’s a great drive. 

Did encounter lots of road kill—all small animals. The roadsides and yards were beautiful, though. I think all the daffodils are in bloom, along with forsythia, hawthorne, and many of the fruit trees. When I got to her  room at the nursing home I found another Valentine gift—a cute little vase of daisies, which really brightened up that drab room. 

It was from Pat and Becky McMahen. Pat volunteers in the nursing home on a regular basis and I know he makes a wonderful difference in the residents’ lives. Thanks for the flowers and I’m leaving them in Mom’s room because I spend a lot more time there than at home. I’ll enjoy them for a long time and occasionally Mom, if she having a good day and the sun is bright, can also see them. 


Lucia Holloway was just in to tell us (and to place an announcement) for pot luck lunch welcoming First United Methodist Church’s new pastor, Reed McCaleb and his family to the church family and the community. I was so happy to hear that  they have a new under shepherd. I’ve always been close to that church, was the first church I attended in the Valley. 

The Shearers were Methodist and Ed grew up in the church and  until his death he always sang with the choir on special programs and they even let me sing with them a few times. Know I can’t make the welcoming event Sunday, but am looking forward to meeting the McCaleb family in the near future. Welcome to the Valley.


  Sunday we were privileged to have Rev. Marcus Jackson, associate pastor of Coffeeville First Baptist, for both services at Woodland Hills. Bro. Jackson is an excellent preacher. He is a graduate of Water Valley High School and we established that our paths had crossed in the past. Had to move on and let others speak to  him, but am looking forward to talking more with him. Our attendance was down, due to so much illness, and probably some complacency.


Jim called Monday morning to check up on the family and tell us that Celeste and he are fine. They are having delightful weather—like  our springtime but without all the rain. I’m afraid that when it’s time for crops to be planted and germinate we’re going to run out of rain. Ground may have absorbed enough water to get us through many dry days. I’m still a farmer at heart, although I’ve not lived on a farm in over 60 years—don’t think you ever get away from you roots. Can’t wait to see cotton, corn, soybeans and other crops up and growing. Good luck to our farmers.

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