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Betty’s Week

Weather and health continue to be the primary topics of conversations. The weather has certainly been, and continues to be a roller coaster.  Delivering paper on Wednesday morning I found the lightest weight long-sleeved shirt in the closet, and still had to push up my sleeves and sweat. Several  of the businesses had their doors open. 

On Thursday morning it was even warmer, so I raided the summer closet and found short sleeves—was still hot in the office,  even though we’d had no heat in the building for several days. The temp in the afternoon reached almost 80, before plummeting. 

Friday morning, leaving home about 6:30, I went out and started the car, flipped off the AC and turned on the heater, before getting into the shower. Hate to drive in a coat, so I made sure the van was warm before leaving for Batesville and just dashed to the it, with my coat over my arm. 

Arriving at the nursing home in Batesville, I found the flag straight out with wind from the north pole. I still had my coat over my arm, I thought I would freeze before getting to the front door and I was parked only three spaces down. Leaving Friday night I put that coat on to get to the car, took  it off to drive, but did not warm up for many miles on my homeward journey. 

Saturday was better—I even walked around in the yard, feeding the birds and picking up some trash.  Sunday it was back to spring-like attire. The temps are predicted to continue to climb on Monday and Tuesday, with a low for Wednesday morning predicted to be back down to 33 degrees. 

On the health note, David and I  have remained healthy. Poor Mel and her family have battled the flu. In talking with Jimmie and other friends, the report is that Batesville seems to have been hit much harder than the Valley, with both the flu and a stomach bug. The northeast part of the state has really suffered with many schools being closed due to flu epidemics. From the report this morning (Monday) we may be just late experiencing this problem—report was that 10 had already tested positive for flu in Water Valley. Hope they stay home and get well.


Other conversations have evolved around the Virginia problem with their three top officials, with racial and  sexual problems. The abortion issue has been another hot topic. While with Mom on Friday I listened to a lot of this, but finally just turned the TV to Home and Family to learn how to cook and make cute little decorative and useful items and to see the many adorable animals up to be adopted for forever homes. 

There are some wonderful pets available all over the U.S. and many right  here in Water Valley. Check the Herald, many of them are pictured from week to week. Then in the afternoon, I get to watch a few of the cute made-for-TV Hallmark movies, many of them replays. However, there are a few I watch anytime they are aired, just  to see the scenery. 

A couple over the weekend were one made in South Africa at an animal preserve, Ukatula (probably a fictitious name) but the animals, the country and the citizens were real. I someday hope I can visit there – probably have already gotten to old for that trip. Another was filmed in Fiji and I’m sure I’m to old to make that trip, because you had to hike in the deep jungles with (I’m sure) snakes, spiders and other critters. However, I’m glad that there were photographers who were willing to travel deep into this jungle so we could see all the beauty, especially the amazing orchids and waterfalls.


There was a Valentine dinner at the church Saturday night, which I missed. Had my schedule so that I could attend and was fine until about  two in the afternoon. Got a gastric problem, which is very rare for me, as I have a cast iron digestive system. Was disappointed that I could not make this event. Report was that the crowd was down for the dinner, probably due to illnesses, but that those attending had a great time. 

In the afternoon Betty and Al Davis called to see if I wanted to go eat with them and I had another disappointment. However, they said that we’ll just try again in the near future. 


Lost two great friends on Sunday. Long-time Main Street neighbor, Willis Holder, was a barber in Walker’s Barber Shop for many years – for several of these we were next door. Jim and Allen, Willis’ and Bernice’s son, were great Main Street kid friends. I have trouble with the names being used in the obit, as we never called him anything but Holder. 

Bernice was often at the barber shop and on one occasion, she climbed up to get a piece of gum for Jim, fell and broke her ankle. Ed and I were so upset by this accident, but Bernice just smiled and said, “Accidents just happen.” 

They often baby-sat our child, as he played with Allen. Holder always had a smile and a good story to tell. That family was great friends and Jim and I extend sympathy to Allen and the entire family. 

The other loss was Mrs. Ruby Turner, who was a faithful member of Woodland Hills Baptist Church. The only one of her family that I knew was her daughter, the late Pam McCuan. Knew Pam and Rick long before I knew Mrs. Ruby. She was such a sweet person and I always enjoy visiting with her at church. Sympathy is extended to her entire family. We’re going to miss her at church.


I’m dealing with critters again, but  not my usual ones. We have a cat that has decided to take up residence in our back room—it slips in under the door. When I arrive on Wednesday morning, even though I know it’s there, as it races for the door I almost have a coronary. Same problem with going into my house after dark—not a cat, but a small wren, who has decided to roost over my front door. When I  put the key into the lock it vacates its perch directly over the door. I have not figured out how so small a bird can make such a racket. 

It looks like spring has sprung on the hill. Daffodils are springing up everywhere, the hawthorn is in full bloom, and irises are up, but not yet blooming—if it stays warm it won’t be long. Also have several cardinals flying around and they are so beautiful. If spring comes full-blown tomorrow it won’t be to soon for me.—I do enjoy warm, beautiful days.

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