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Street Talk

By Mickey Howley

Last week the school bond election passed with better than 90 percent of the voters wanting to see the current schools renovated and improved. We advocated for this proposal based on a number of reasons. The current locations are good, the structures are sound, the facilities sizes fit current and future needs, it is far more economical to fix properly than build new, and education (as in the physical place it happens) is important not only for your kids’ future, but also for all our collective economic futures in Water Valley. 

Thanks for voting for this measure, it sends a strong message that the Valley is serious about education and its long-term resilience. I’m looking forward to the results not only in the renovations, but the positive effects on our students and our future. 

With spring weather seemingly here to stay, it is the perfect time to do upkeep and maintenance to your structure. You know that “thing” you have invested beaucoup of your hard-earned dollars in. I’m talking your house or any building you might have. Clear skies and not-too-hot days are perfect for a number of things, but especially painting and gardening. 

It is going to be hot sooner than you think. All up and down Main Street are businesses ready to supply you with those springtime upkeep and enhancement jobs. Things you’ll need like paint, tools, general supplies, new equipment, construction material, landscaping needs, and safety equipment. Be sure on that safety, don’t forget gloves, eye protection, and hats. I never forget my hat. 

The Farmers Market is coming up and this good weather will help. Opening day will be Saturday, April 20, in Railroad Park under the big magnolia. This season marks the 12th year the market has been in action. I’m looking forward to it. There’s always something new and tasty at the market. One of the best surprises every week is what interesting shows up. Mark your calendars for the opening day.

 Also remember if you have not already gotten one for your pet, the city is issuing dog tags. There’s a couple of good reasons for the tag. One is your pet must have a current rabies shot, so that’s a public safety reason. Having a tag means having a collar and so if your pet gets out, you can be easily reunited. 

That’s important as your dog loves you without any qualms or hesitation. Your dog loves you more than your mother does. She knows you. So does your dog, but you dog doesn’t judge. As of this writing the city has issued 174 tags. There’s a lot more dogs out there. The procedure is to go to city hall with a copy of the current rabies vaccination or the dog’s current rabies collar tag. 

Pay the five dollars so your best friend in the world then has another level of protection if they get lost or wander off. Seems a deal and glad the city is proactive in this. 

Over 800 voters turned out for last Tuesday’s referendum on the school bond including Courtney Phillips. The final tally was 817 for the school bond and 58 against it.

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