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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

My battles this past week were deer and floods. On my way to prayer meeting Wednesday night there was a dead deer on the bypass. Then going to Batesville early Thursday morning I spotted one dead on the very edge of Highway 315, just before the Panola/Lafayette county line and a couple more on the Eureka Road. 

On Friday morning there was still another on Eureka. Sorry for the folks who beat me to all the kills. However, I almost got a flock of buzzards enjoying breakfast on the one on 315 and I know these critters can also reek havoc on a vehicle. Did not see a single live deer, or other animal, on all four of my crossings. They were probably in out of the weather.

Now for our weather. I know God promised that He would not again destroy the earth by flood, but the rain Friday through Sunday and continuing Monday makes one wonder if He’s changed His mind. My problems with all the rain of course is having to drive in it, along with a leak in the upper bedroom of the two-story addition and a flood from the foundation in the sunroom. 

Came home from the nursing home in Batesville early Thursday, expecting to mop up lots of water, but didn’t find a drop. Bo had come in early to sit with Mom and let me get to this chore. We enjoyed a great visit, while I waited until school buses were out of the way, then waited another hour for a downpour to get out of the area. Was good to learn that Bo was doing well after his surgery. 

Doctor says he got all the cancer and is now doing some plastic surgery to lessen the scarring. All is progressing well. Bo is probably going to be okay if he can survive brother, Rance. Heard this story from Rance—Bo may have been to scared to remember it. Bo has back muscle spasms—doctors can’t find the cause of these. 

They were working on my old red truck, which Rance needs. It’s been parked for a while and Bo is an excellent mechanic, so he’s getting it up and going again, Rance is good at lifting and handing. Bo, flat on the ground, slid under the truck. Now I’m told there is a creeper in the family and I don’t know why it was not being used—probably would have taken to long to find it and both brothers have a bit of a problem with impatience. While under the truck Bo had a spasm. When this  happened in the past, Rance was able to pull him out – not this time. Rance came up with a solution. Told Bo to get as tight as he could—arms and legs close to his body and hold still. Rance cranked the truck and pulled it off of Bo—believe it or not they made it without Bo dying of fright or mishap. 

Report was that they still have work to do under the truck—hope they find that creeper, I’d hate to lose a wonderful brother, one of my grass cutters, a great mechanic whom I occasionally need and Mom’s favorite and best sitter. One of Mom’s nurses couldn’t get her to take her meds. She called Bo and he came and gave Mom a good talking to and the nurse says that she swallowed the medicine right down. 

Our sitter, who can usually get Mom to do anything, got Mom on one of her not-eating days a week or so ago. Called Bo, he came up explained that she could either eat or go to the funeral home—Mom ate. He does have an amazing way with her. They threatened to get Bo and Rance (who’s also good with getting her to do things) to record these messages so they don’t have to come in when there’s a problem. Probably would work because Mom does not see well enough to know if they are there or not.

On Thursday, she refused to eat her breakfast for me. Finally got her to drink her milk and juice and ate a couple spoons of oatmeal. Then at lunch she ate a good meal and finally took her meds. On Friday we had a good day from early morning until I left her with Jimmy, who fed her supper. Went on home to check my leak—still had no water on the floor. I think the leak must be caused by the direction the wind is blowing.

Found a more serious problem in the sunroom, though. Leaking roof seems to be fixed, but I have a flood coming in at the foundation—literally it’s pouring in like a small river. Got to have help deciding how to fix this problem before my sunroom crumbles.


The storms Sunday morning had to be dodged in order to get to church. Thunder and lightening jarred me out of bed, so I got up made my piece of toast and then waited for the brunt of this to pass. My bathroom gets no outside light, and I don’t like to get  into the shower in a thunder storm, so I waited until it seemed safe—made it. Got dressed and here comes another wave of heavy rain. Waited as long as I could before getting to the van. When I arrived it had almost stopped raining, but I still carried my raincoat in—figured I’d need it when services were over.

Our guest speaker Sunday was Bro. Billy Childs and he delivered two of the best sermons I’ve heard in years. Morning sermon was on hell. Billy began by telling us that we usually hear sermons on the love of God or heaven, but God had led him to preach on Hell—and he did. He used for this text the story of Lazarus and the rich man. They both died and Lazarus went to heaven and the rich man to hell. 

On earth the rich man had all the comforts this life could afford and Lazarus had to beg for food at the rich man’s gate. After death the rich man was in torment in hell and Lazarus was in the luxury of heaven. The rich man, looking into heaven, begged for just a drop  of water to cool his tongue. His awakening was too late. He also requested that someone from the grave be sent back to warn his brothers. He was told that it would do no good, as they had not believed the prophets and others and they would not believe one sent back from the grave. 

After the last breath it’s to late to get into heaven—the opportunity runs out with our last breath here on earth. I had touched my finger to a stove rack on Saturday and, even with that tiny little burn, the pain was horrible. I cannot imagine an eternity in hell, burning all over and it never stopping. 

Those of  us who are God’s children are admonished to not let family, friends, or even strangers passed from this life to the next without knowing that Jesus died on that cross to take their sins away. If you don’t know the Savior, please find you a church home, read your Bible, or talk to a preacher, Christian friend, or anyone who knows Christ. I’m always available at the Herald Monday though Wednesday and I’d like to tell you about Jesus’ saving grace and how to avoid hell. On Sunday night Billy’s message was on hope—just a continuances of the  morning message. Our hope is in Jesus, His death and resurrection, which if we believe and accept is our “Avoid Hell” card. Remember, there is no “Get Out” card—your last breath is your last chance.


A reminder that Easter is just around the corner is the abundance of dogwood trees in full bloom. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them prettier. The wisteria is almost  in full bloom—check the draping vines on the right of Wise Street as you pass the old Holloway Mobile Park and also on the left as you travel up the bpass just past the 315 intersection. We are  having a beautiful spring.

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