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Oakland Man Narrowly Escapes From House Fire

Joe Jenkins Sr. (right) holds the hose as firefighters extinguish the hot spots in a trailer fire last Wednesday in Oakland.

OAKLAND – An Oakland man jumped through a window of his house trailer last Wednesday morning, narrowly escaping a fire that was consuming his residence on Redbud Street.

Joe Jenkins, Jr., had worked the third shift at Ajinomoto Foods in Oakland and got off work at 7 a.m. according to this father, Joe Jenkins, Sr. The fire was toned out by dispatchers around 10:10 a.m.

“When I heard about the fire I knew he was in there sleeping,” Jenkins told the Herald. The elder Jenkins, who retired from BorgWarner four years ago, serves as a volunteer fire fighter on the Oakland department and was among the first on the scene. He soon discovered that his son had made it out of the trailer.

“He was cut up,” his father said, as he stayed behind on the scene to help other fire fighters put out hot spots still burning as his son was transported for treatment.

Trucks and volunteers rolled from Oakland Fire Department, Tillatoba Fire Department and Sylva Rena Fire Department. The response also included volunteers from other departments in the county. 

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