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Hill County Living

By Coulter Fussell

It’s a Wagner Week and in this letter one of John’s friends almost gets expelled from school for skipping a day of classes. What does one expect when you’re cohorts are named “Booth and Barrett?” Sounds like trouble. Other observations, I want to learn this Leap Year dance called “the German” and five callers in one afternoon is a bit much, in my unsolicited opinion.

Clarksville Tenn

February 13th

Mr. John,

Your nice long letter of the 30th was rec’d and read with pleasure. I was beginning to think you had been blown away by this “blizzard”, straight to South America, or at any rate were never going to write again, but after reading your excuses I readily forgave this delay knowing your studious nature and strictly business habits.

Oh, Mr. John, I wish you could have been here last Friday night. The girls gave a Leap Year Dance, at the Exchange which the boys say was quite a nice affair. I did not attend however as I don’t dance the German; strictly Leap Year principals were observed. The girls inviting their escorts, furnishing the music, refreshments, etc.

I know you would have enjoyed it and there you could have worn your big pants and low cut vest without being ridiculed.

By the way, Mr Daps is having a fine suit made now if we can persuade him to get a silk hat and cane. Won’t he be a daisy?

I suppose you know about him going to Nashville to see Booth and Barrett and how near he came to being expelled? I do think it was the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of. He was only gone one day and didn’t miss a single recitation. These Professors certainly have less common sense than any set I ever saw. Mr. Daps pretended to be very indifferent about it but he was right much frightened for several days.

I laughed at him lots about the box you sent, at first he declared he would not take it from the Office but finally did and have Mrs. Wallace a pair of old worn out gloves with your compliments. It was hard for him to convince her that you sent them. However she didn’t get mad, as he rather thought she would.

Greenwood’s Dude (Harry P.) is getting to be “sore” since he went into the Bank. “Tubbie” is getting “flush,” has 5 callers in one afternoon. I am anxious for she and the “Fat Baby” to meet; wouldn’t they make a team? She went to the Leap Year Dance with Jon Wilson. Millie Rhea okayed here Thursday night: some thought her splendid but I must admit I was rather disappointed.

We are to have a theater every night next week and at the closing performance Saturday evening there will be a “handsome” Gold Watch GIVEN AWAY. I’m going  and if I get it will send it to you, so look out! By the way, if you still want that dog, I think I can get you one from a friend. And when I die you can have dear old Fido.

The Episcopalians give a candy-pulling at the Rectory on the evening of the 14th.

Well, Mr. John I expect you are as much fatigued trying to read this letter as when you “dig those 15 holes” so I will have compassion and quit.

Mama and Papa send regards. And early reply is solicited.

Ever your friend,

J. E. B.

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