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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

Even though my yard was still a mud puddle, brothers. Bo and Rance, came over Wednesday morning to cut my weeds. They decided that if they didn’t at least beat it down, the bears and alligators were going to get me—that yard was way past hiding snakes and lizards. 

I never know when the boys are coming or even when they go, except I realize that I have a much better looking yard. However, about lunch time, as I answered the office phone I heard a familiar voice, it was Rance. 

He says, “Have you eaten?” To which I said, “No.”

“Well, do you want to go to lunch with your brothers?” 

Of course I did, so they came on into town and we went out to Dunn’s. Rance got the last plate lunch and Bo and I ate barbecue plates. All of it was delicious, as usual. They had a crowd and as we were going in Joe Black was at check-out and Rance greeted him. Apparently they have known each other through the years. 

Then when we were checking out, Lee McMinn was right in front of us, so I introduced the boys to him. They had heard about him though the years, since Lee was great in the lumber and hardware business and then as a supervisor he has been outstanding. 

I hate to lose him in that capacity. However, he’s also an excellent realtor and I may someday need him in that capacity—hope not soon. And finally, I’ve always thought of him as one of my adopted Main Street children—love him and all his family, starting with his Mom, Dad, and sister, then his wife and adorable children.

As we were leaving, Viola and Jeff Clements spoke and jokingly said, “You are going to remember to mention us in the column?”  Well, of course I was if I remembered—I never make notes, even though I should, and it’s a long time from Wednesday until Monday when the column is written. 

In my  early years I did not know Viola very well—knew who she was, because I dealt with her father often. And we knew her brother, Jack, very well. Didn’t know her mother—It’s always amazed me that I know some family members so well, and others only by name and face. Got to know Viola when her and Steve’s son, Chad, married Betty and Al Davis’ daughter, Kelli, and Ed and I became adopted grands to their first son, Hunter.

Ed didn’t live to meet second son, Grayson. Love both of these children and they call me B.B. I can’t remember when I didn’t know Jeff. 

I knew his older brother, Jerry, first of the Clements’ sons—he was conductor of the Millington Navy Band and he and Ed were about the same age. Also, knew Joel and Jackie, and there may be more of these boys. Having known both sides of this family for so many years, it would be hard to forget them and it was great getting in this short visit. 

I just kept speaking to those eating and the boys asked, “Do you know everyone in here?” Told them I’ve been here over 60 years, so I should know a few folks—wish I could remember the names of everyone I saw, but I don’t  have that much brain power.


Wednesday night Woodland Hills Children’s Prayer Meeting Group enjoyed an egg hunt and then a hot dog fellowship. Even though it drizzled, the  kids had a great time looking for eggs on the front lawn of the church. They all got plenty of candy to last through the Easter season and some great prizes. Then they all got filled up with hot dogs, chips and dips, and cup cakes. It is so much fun to watch these children enjoying the teaching segment of the program, taught by Margie Pilcher and Michelle Warren; and also the fellowship, hosted by Cathy Patton, Cathy Sartain, Sylvia Beene, and Becky York.

Stayed up to see the weather prediction for Thursday morning and it looked like I’d be driving in some rain and even worse, some very wet roads to stay with Mom at the nursing home in Batesville. On both Pope/Water Valley and Eureka Roads, I drove for the most part in the middle of the road—thankfully there was very little traffic. 

Jimmie came in shortly after five and sent me home, before the rain got worse. But the further toward the Valley I got, the harder it rained. Was worn out when I finally got home, having driven mostly 40 mph. Was dreading the drive back on Friday morning, but the roads were in better shape and I only had a drizzle. But when I got about five miles down Eureka a tree had been across the road. It was all cleaned up, except for some green leaves. 

Got to the nursing home, turned on the TV and the reports was that two folks had been killed by falling trees hitting their vehicles in south Mississippi. Realized that I could have been under that tree.  


Sunday we enjoyed a great fellowship breakfast at Woodland Hills. Then Bro. Billy Childs brought our Easter message and, as usual, it was a very inspiring sermon. Billy, one of our home town boys, is being wonderfully used of the Lord. He’s among the best preachers I’ve ever heard—and I’ve been around a long time and heard a lot of preachers. 

We had a beautiful Easter, weather wise, and the sunshine continues today. However, whenever Easter falls near the dates of the 1984 tornado, we all remember that, and that made me even more thankful that we had sunshine Sunday. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.

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