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First Political Rally Is Saturday

Political signs have already popped up all across the county and voters will have their first chance to hear from many of the local candidates during a political rally Saturday at Velma Fire Department.

VELMA – The political season will kick off this weekend as the first political rally in the county is scheduled at Velma Fire Department Saturday. The action gets underway around 10:30 when the department’s volunteers start serving fish plates. 

The stumping starts at noon and invitations to speak have been extended to all 41 candidates seeking local offices as well as candidates seeking district and state offices. Velma Fire Chief Stewart Spence reported that the speaking lineup will follow the order on the county’s ballot, both for positions and the candidates in each position, which are listed alphabetically. The only exception is that incumbents in each office will be allowed to speak last. 

The rally is the department’s sole fundraiser for the year and money will be raised by the fish fry, cake auctions and t-shirt sales during the afternoon. Local candidates and businesses are also co-sponsoring the event, money that is used to cover the cost for the fish and other rally expenses. 

“The money we raise will be used to help purchase turnout gear for the volunteers,” Spence said, adding that it costs around $3,000 to suit up one firefighter. The chief added that turnout gear must be replaced after 10 years of use.  

Velma has one of the most active departments in the county, with more than a dozen volunteers routinely responding to fires, wrecks and other calls across the county and almost 30 volunteers on the department roster. 

The department will accept cakes until the day of the event and anybody who wishes to support the department by donating a cake can contact Stewart at (662) 607-1098 or any member of the department. 

The fire department is located on Hwy. 7, south of Water Valley. The rally will be held rain or shine.

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