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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

On Tuesday afternoon I visited with long-time friend, Becky Crow, whom I rarely see these days. Was so sorry to hear that her son, Michael had been very ill. However, Becky reported that he was slowly getting better and regaining strength. 

After Becky other  long-time friends, Lila and Bobby Schmitz, came in to pay their subscription. Usually see Bobby at Dunn’s around the breakfast table on Wednesdays, but had missed him for several weeks. They were on their way out to eat lunch. However,  lunch was going to be a bit late, because we had to catch up on each other’s children—I love theirs and they love mine. 

Then we had to recall our fun times in Lila’s Mom’s store. It was such an interesting business and Jim loved it and spent so much time there—I’m surprised that Mrs. Rusk did not throw him out. Jim’s fascination with the store, other than Mrs. Rusk, was the comic books. She let him read them free, bring them back and pick up more. 

When he was here recently we discussed the fortune he’d have made had he just paid Mrs. Rusk and kept all those comic books—one that he knew he’d borrowed and returned, had sold for an obscene price just recently. 

Lila said their boys often thought about all the toys, books and comics they have owned, but  had not taken care of, that are so valuable now. We get so smart, just a little too late. However, I’m just glad that I got to know Mrs. Rusk and enjoy her store, and also got to have Lila and Bobby and the boys as friends through the years.  

Jimmy Berry also dropped by to place a yard sale ad for this week’s paper. Another dear friend, Jimmy can always brighten up a day and we can usually find plenty to talk about. Final visitor of the afternoon was Head Electrician Andy Hall, whom I rarely get to visit with because he comes to see David. 

David was tied up on the phone so I got in a few minutes’ discussion with Andy. I always like to hear what’s going on in the turkey hunting world and also the electric department. Andy is a super city employee and keeps us with lights unless there is a terrible storm or problem and then he and his crew get us up and lighted in short order. I do appreciate him and all the city electrical crew—they are top notch.


Had the strangest weather pattern while delivering papers last Wednesday. Started with an overcast sky. Then it got darker as I approached the Sylva Rena community. Took papers into Dunn’s, enjoyed a  short visit there, and when I came out it was raining and the rain got harder as I came back toward the Valley. This only lasted for a few miles and then the sun came out. When I exited off the bypass onto Highway 315 at the Shell Station, I saw the most beautiful rainbow I’ve seen in many years. Parked the van and ran around the store to watch the rainbow —was so disappointed because it had disappeared. Only found a few more folks who got to see it. Wished I had a camera and I do on my phone, but have not learned to use it.


Wednesday night Prayer meeting attendance was down, but we heard a great sermon, again on video by Bro. Ray Newcomb. He is an excellent preacher and it’s so nice that we can still enjoy his sermons after he’s been with the Lord for many years. The young people had their usual supper (this week it was Larson’s chicken tenders, Crispy Crowns and rolls, with apple slices and caramel dip for dessert.) Then they had interesting Bible studies by Margie Pilcher and Michelle Warren.  


Thursday morning I was surprised to find that it was not raining. Even forgot to take my raincoat. Coming home from Batesville, it had started to sprinkle, but the drive was still not bad. On the way the only road problem was a small turtle crossing the highway, but with no traffic, I got to stop and see it safely across. About an hour after I got into the house though I heard a terrible noise and looked out and a sheet of water was coming off the carport. This continued about an hour and then stopped. 

Got up Friday morning and again was able to drive over to Batesville on dry roads. However, when I started to the van there was another small turtle crawling under the van. I waited a long time and it would not come out. Finally decided to back straight up and sure enough I missed it, but was so far over I had to turn into heavy brush—didn’t damage the paint. Only two little turtles on the road is almost a miracle for traveling four times across the roads I have to cross.

Mom was still having bad days on both Thursday and Friday. Thursday I got her to eat a couple of bites of her breakfast about 10:30 and then a few more bites at lunch, along with a little chocolate pudding. She drank her milk at both meals. Then on Friday, she ate all her oatmeal and drank her milk and at lunch ate some fish and green beans and again drank  her milk. Friday afternoon, though she began drinking water on her own and also took her meds and went to the shower, without a fuss. I’m hoping this progress continues—we both need a good Thursday and Friday this week. Thanks to all you who continue to ask about her and to pray for her.


Saturday, I’d planned to go grocery shopping, but with the continual rain I just ate soup and crackers, became a couch potato, only getting up during commercials to put in laundry or take it out to fold and put away. I really do need to get back to some serious cooking and house cleaning.


I’m now setting the biographies of the 2018 Water Valley High School seniors for the senior section that will be included in the May 23th edition of the paper. If you want an ad in this section, let us know soon.

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