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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

I was a bit earlier delivering papers than usual on Wednesday morning and the traffic was extremely heavy. Maybe folks were  getting chores done early, trying to beat the predicted weather. Know the farmers were trying to get seed into the ground before the rains came.

The table at Dunn’s had more of the breakfast crowd present than had been there for the past several weeks. Sorry that I didn’t have time to go back and catch up on the news. I was trying to get all the senior biographies ready for publication in the upcoming graduation section, so I didn’t do much visiting on my paper route.  This section will be included in next week’s Herald (May 23). 

During my trip I saw several fishermen headed out on the lake before the rain. When the rain arrived Wednesday night as we were in prayer meeting, it sounded like it was being poured out of a bucket. However, when we left the church it had almost stopped. The break didn’t last. Woke up early Thursday morning and it was not raining, so I got out of bed and showered, thinking I’d get on the road before more rain came. 

Didn’t make it. As I ate my piece of toast, the thunder and lightening began and then there was a down pour. This continued until I had to leave to get to the nursing home before Mom’s waking time. I drove all the way in some of the hardest rain I’ve seen this year. There were a couple of spots on Highway 315 where the water covered my lane. It was a flat spot and there was no traffic, so I was able to drive in the other lane. 

On Pope/Water Valley and Eureka Roads, the water was  covering most of the road. Again traffic was light so most of the time I could drive in the middle of the road and miss most of the water. Even doing this I drove 30 to 40 mph all the way—now that is a long drive at those speeds. In addition, my windshield wipers, even on the highest speed, couldn’t keep visibility safe. 


Later in the morning the rain finally stopped and I was able to travel home with much more pleasant conditions. When it rains there is no TV in the nursing home, so it was just guess what was coming next. Occasionally an employee popped in with a phone and checked the weather prediction for me. Seems that everyone knew of problems caused by the weather conditions. 

I heard one report that a driver had been killed driving under the underpass over in the delta around Leland. Don’t know if that’s true or not, since in the nursing home we get news from Memphis and at my home I get Tupelo news—no Jackson or Greenwood/Greenville news. 

Some of the employees  at the nursing home come from the Clarksdale/Marks area and they reported many roads under water. Jimmie said when she came to work Thursday morning that the Pope/Crowder Road had water across it in several areas and also Hwy. 51, which has several low areas that were flooded. 

On Friday TV service was back and I saw some of the damage. Also saw several cute commercials and one comment on a commercial that was a “No, No.”

 One of the shows I was watching was  sponsored in part by the Peloton Cardio  exercise unit. The hostess stated, “I have an old Cardio-Glide exercise machine and it will do everything that expensive unit does and it cost about $150.”  

I also have a Cardio-Glide in my den and it did cost $150. It has been in my den for 35 to 40 years and is a great piece of exercise equipment. I’ve been through a treadmill, stationary bike, and many of the bands, springs, weights, and even the push and pull units—gave them all away. However, I do still occasionally get on the Cardio-Glide and it’s really a good workout. 

Don’t think I would have advertised it though, had I been being sponsored by a similar product being made today. I’ve been in the advertising business long enough to  know that you just don’t do that. I hope they don’t  lose their sponsor.

Had another week of Mom not wanting to eat and that is no fun. We all work with her and encourage her in any way we can, but we are only able to get her to eat a few bites at each meal. Since I’d been with her on Thursday and Friday, I rested on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I let the rest of the children enjoy her on Mother’s Day. 

Jim called me early Sunday morning to wish me a happy Mother’s Day before he was off to play for the day. When he called he sounded like he’d just gotten up so he’d probably played Saturday night also. We mostly discussed our weather and he said that even Las Cruces had gotten some rain—that’s unusual for them.

Since we did  not have church services Sunday night, I caught an episode of “When Calls the Heart”. I had wondered what they would do to get rid of Laurie Loughlin. They didn’t even mention her and just changed the primary meeting places to a saloon and the new telephone office. There is also a  new mounty and the sheriff, a former mounty, in still around, as is the school teacher, whose late husband was the former mounty. Other regulars included the doctor and nurse, the lumber tycoon and his wife, and several more. 

Oil has been discovered and it’s causing an uproar. This added industry is  financed by the former mayor, who spent some time in prison, and is  now coming back as a principal character. His silent partner is the saloon owner. The show seems to be holding it’s own in popularity, even with the loss of Laurie, who was the mayor and restaurant owner. Probably won’t see many more of these shows but wish them the best.


Next week will be the conclusion of school, with graduation on the 24th in the high school gym. Report is that there are 66 graduates. Congratulation to all of them.

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