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Kyle’s News and Reviews In Agriculture

By Kyle Jeffreys

As I sit in my office on the Memorial Day holiday writing this article and remembering all of those who have served in the military. Their service allowed me and my generation not to be forced to serve.

The two veterans that I knew the best were my grandfathers, Ed Jeffreys and Hulette Newman.  These men in their own ways helped mold me into the person that I am today.  I know that they lived in a time that is much different than what we live in today.  It is very hard for me to imagine someone 18 years old to willingly and joyfully sign up to go to war (World War II).  

Both men did so, and after serving their country graciously. They came back home started families and lived the rest of their lives.  Growing up I knew that both men were in World War II and knew not to ask them about it because they didn’t talk about it, that was it.  

I also think about all the friends that have been involved in other wars more recently and the difficulties they have had after coming back.  I will never be able to imagine how it feels to be on a battlefield and endure living in a war zone, but I am so thankful that men and women are still volunteering to do so.  Thank you to all that have served our country through all branches of the military.      

Over the weekend my extended family from Water Valley and Oxford held a little family retirement reception for my dad, who is going to retire from Renasant bank after some 42-plus years of service.  

The party was eventful with my kids (Levi, age eight, and Luke, age four) and my brother’s kid (Whit, age four) running around and just being kids, let me mention there was a small pond with a dock at the property.  Anyone who knows my kids know that they play hard, especially my four-year-old son Luke, who is 90-to-nothing all the time. 

Well after what seemed like the 1000th trip out on the dock during the party the inevitable happened, Whit took a little spill.  He was quickly snatched by his dad, Andrew, also my brother.  Whit was never in any real danger since the water was only about waist deep to a four-year-old, but it sure scared the parents, including me.  

The idea of a relaxing retirement party is only relaxing to those that don’t have four-year-olds to constantly watch.    

There are a few events that are coming up at the Multi-purpose Building in the next couple of weeks that need to be mentioned.  First this Thursday, May 30, the Coffeeville Public Library will host their Animal Tales summer event.  This event will start at 5 p.m. and feature many animals for the kids to learn about and play with.  The animal program is free for kids to attend.  

The second event is the Maximum Championship Wrestling “Over the Edge Part VI,” scheduled Saturday night, June 1 at 6 p.m.   

The last event is the Yalobusha County Forestry Association quarterly meeting, scheduled Thursday, June 6, at 6 p.m.  The speaker will be David Beam, who will provide information about estate planning for timber farms.  The Forestry Association will provide a meal for the meeting for members and all non-members will be asked to pay $10 for the meal.    

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