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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

David attended the Memorial Day Service, held on the Downtown Bandstand  last Monday at noon. He invited me to join him, but I had told a customer that we’d be open until late in afternoon—maybe closing a little early if we had no customers. Went outside and was surprised that I could hear most of the program when there was no Main Street traffic. 

Providing patriotic music, was Bobby Hood and Sandra Martin, which I had no problem enjoying from my vantage point. They both have strong, beautiful voices. I tried to decide which one of our local vocalist I was hearing and could  not come up with an answer. When David came back I found the answer to my question and the reason I couldn’t figure out the voice is that I’d never heard Bobby sing. 

We have many excellent vocalists in the Valley, both male and female. I never learned to dance, but maybe I’d better slip down to the VFW on the first, second and fourth Saturday nights to hear the music. Did enjoy your part of the program Bobby and Sandra. Also, would have liked to have heard Judge Bill Waller, Jr., candidate for governor of Mississippi, speak. The weather was excellent for this outdoor program and David reported good attendance. I’m sure the entire program was excellent. Next year the Herald will be closed during the Memorial Day Service—I want to attend.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, Mel had granddaughters, Macey and Callie, visiting. They got put to work, running all kinds of errands and on Wednesday we got statements into the mail. Granddaughter Macey got to stamp envelops and then Mel folded, I stuffed, and Macey got to lick them. She says, “This is awful,” so I found my old crucible and she did a good job with it. I always found the thing too slow and just licked that awful tasting glue—probably gained a number of pounds over the years doing this chore. 

The girls were lots of fun and hope they’ll visit again this summer—Macey we get out bills again at the end of June and I’m sure you had so much fun that you’ll want to join us on that Wednesday.


Wish every Wednesday paper delivery could be exactly like last week’s. Weather was great and traffic was light. Coming from Dunns is always a beautiful sight when it’s not stormy. The sun coming up paints the clouds floating in the clear blue sky a beautiful rose color. Only thing that marred the scene was a large doe that had been hit, probably by a woman, because it was barely pulled  off the  highway. 

Those dead animals are hard to move. I’m sure that the vehicle that hit it sustained a lot of damage. Everyone was in a good mood—think sunshine just brightens us up. Only folks I did not see were farmers. Know they were in the fields early trying to make up for lost time during our unusually wet early season. I know cotton, corn, beans, and all other crops should have been in the ground several weeks ago. Even though I’ve been away from the farm for over 60 years, I still have not forgotten those farm schedules.

Met the young man who opened Jones Produce this morning. His family originated in the Delta—Greenville to be exact.  Came to the Valley via the Southaven area. We’re are so happy to have them here and wish them well. They are located out on Hwy. 32, not far from where the other Jones operated a similar operation.


Thursday’s trip over to Batesville was enjoyable and I was surprised to see so many Yucca blooming. Really did not know we had so many left in our area. They are everywhere. in west Texas and southeast New Mexico. However ours are prettier than those in the southwest, probably because we have more rain. 

Got to Mom and found her wide awake and in a good mood. She ate a good breakfast, lunch and supper. It’s such a  joy to have a good day with her. She even took her meds with no fuss. Then on Friday she would  not wake up. Shook her, washed her face with a cold washcloth at intervals all day long. Finally at 4:30 she woke up, and was bright as a penny. 

Wanted some hot coffee and oatmeal. All I had to give her was milk and she drank a carton. Then supper came and she ate most of it and drank more milk. 

After she settled down Jimmie and I visited for a while and Jimmie read the Herald. She found fresh squash was for sale at the Farmers Market on Saturday morning and that Larson’s had roast on sale. 

I rolled out of bed early just for her Saturday morning, made the Market and sure enough found beautiful fresh yellow squash, which I bought for her. They also had great looking zucchini. At another stand I found baby kale, made salad out of it and it was delicious.  The report is that tomatoes will be available in about two weeks—can’t wait for a delicious home-grown tomato sandwich, or maybe two or three.

Saturday night we enjoyed a golden wedding Anniversary celebration for Ginny and Rance. When he called earlier in the week to invite Betty and Al Davis and me, I says, “Well I have to confess that I never expected to be attending this party. I gave this marriage, at most, one year.” He answered, “Well, Sis you gave it more than the others—they thought it would maybe make three months.”  

Jimmie and my story is that we guarded the front and back doors to keep him from escaping and then got  him to the church. After that he was Ginny’s problem. We were all joking, however, they have been a very happy couple. 

Saturday night all five siblings and living spouses were together in the same room at the same time—first time in a while. After youngest brother, Don and his wife, Gina, left, we were sorry we had not made a family picture. Did have a wonderful time, though, with so many of the funny stories through the years being recalled—some I think were greatly enhanced. Nevertheless it made for good entertainment. Bo’s wife, Carolyn, reminded me that they would celebrate their 50th next year—I’ve made a note of that and hope I can find my reminder next year. We all enjoyed the fish supper at Country Catfish in Oakland and thank Louise and her staff for their hospitality.


Messages Sunday at Woodland Hills were delivered by a Water Valley native, Jim Gore, who now lives in Bruce. He began by telling us that he was born in Dr. George Brown’s hospital. I think he told me his parents were Phillip and Annie Mae Gore and that he went to school in Water Valley. He has done mission work all over the U.S., having been in all but four of the states. He has also been a pastor, interim and supply for many years. Bro. Gore preached two excellent sermons and we enjoyed him visiting with us. 

We’re still seeking the man God has as a permanent pastor for us, but in the meantime He is sending us some excellent supply preachers. I urge all our  members to attend each Sunday and hear these excellent speakers God is providing. Sunday school begins at 9:30, morning worship at 10:30; discipleship training at 5:30 and evening worship at 6:15. 

On Wednesday night prayer meeting starts at 6:30 and at the present we are watching video sermons from Rev. Ray Newcomb, former pastor of First Baptist Church in Millington. Rev. Newcomb is a great preacher and it’s so wonderful that these messages have been preserved. 

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