County Records Three Percent Increase For 2019 Tax Roll

By John Howell

Herald Contributor

COFFEEVILLE – Yalobusha Tax Assessor/Collector Linda Shuffield presented the 2019 Total Land and Personal Roll Value to supervisors Monday during a three-hour first Monday meeting at the Coffeeville courthouse.

The assessor’s presentation is an annual event that triggers the county’s budgeting for the 2020 fiscal year. Supervisors will use the tax assessor’s figures to set the millage rate for real and personal property taxes. With Shuffield’s presentation, supervisors learned the total assessed value of the county has climbed slightly over three percent during the last year. The increase, $2,540,484, brings the total assessed value for Yalobusha to $77,702,676. Last year the assessed value was $75,162,192. Shuffield also said the 2019 tax rolls included the addition of 21 “stick-built” new houses in the county. The total of newly built houses in the county is down from 25 last year, but up from the 15 and 16 new homes built in 2014 and 2016, respectively. Shuffield gave supervisors a breakdown on the real property roll by beat, compared to 2018. All five beats recorded an increase, Beat 1 – $143,995, Beat 2 – $14,612, Beat 3 – $53,429, Beat 4 – $12,542 and Beat 5 – $5,574.

However, Shuffield said, Mississippi Dept. of Revenue calculations that set values for large tracts — “the per acre value that effects timber companies and the large tracts of property that people own, they went from a 10-year movement average yield, which is an income approach, to a seven-year, and then last year they went to a three-year. I’m saying all that to explain that when there’s one bad year now, it’s going to affect our values more than it did before because it’s a faster market reaction.” 

A large tract is 20 acres and above, Shuffield said, replying to a question from Beat 5 supervisor Gaylon Gray. “So that means all this timber land that we’ve got so much of?” he asked.

“Timber land, yes. It actually shrunk the base,” the tax assessor replied.

Shuffield also presented a beat breakdown for the personal property tax roll, compared to the previous year. Beat 1 had a substantial increase of $2,444,594. Beats 2 and 3 also had an increases: $64,135 and 30,458, respectively. Beats 4 and 5 recorded decreases of $119,012 and 109,843, respectively.

Other differences in 2019 valuations compared to 2018 were triggered by the ending of 10-year ad valorem tax exemptions for real property and certain personal property at Ajinomoto Windsor Foods at Oakland and an expansion at the Borg-Warner facility in Water Valley

The tax assessor-collector’s visit to the Board of Supervisors meeting in compliance with state law regulating the tax procedures of county government. That process culminates each year during September when supervisors adopt a budget for the new fiscal year, which begins October 1. Following the presentation by Shuffield, supervisors passed an order opening real and personal property rolls for inspection and examination by the public. Any objections to the assessments can be made in writing and filed with the clerk of the Board of Supervisors before August 5.
 The board will hear the written objections in Water Valley on August 5, at 9 a.m. and in Coffeeville on August 6 at 9 a.m.

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