Driver Escapes Serious Injuries In Main Street Crash


Police, fire and EMS responded to Main Street Friday afternoon after Ernestine Woodard crashed into the window of H&R Block after failing to stop at the Blackmur Drive/Main Street intersection. – Photo by David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A 66 year-old lady received minor injuries after crashing into a Main Street building just after 1 p.m. Friday afternoon. 

Water Valley Police Chief Jason Mangrum reported Ernestine Woodard was traveling west on Blackmur Drive when she crossed Main Street, hit a parked car and launched into H&R Block’s store window, receiving minor injuries. 

The chief reported six witnesses observed the wreck and reports included Woodard’s Nissan Versa going airborne briefly before crashing. He also said multiple people inside adjacent buildings heard and felt the impact.

“Thankfully no one was inside H&R Block at the time,” the chief added. He also said Woodard was fortunate to hit the parked vehicle, which likely diverted her vehicle into the window of H&R Block instead of the solid brick wall on either side.

“At that much speed, as hard as she hit the parked car she would have been all the way inside the building or hit the adjoining wall of the building instead of the window,” he explained, a blow that could have been lethal. 

Mangrum said Woodard was also fortunate as there were no close calls with oncoming traffic as she crossed Main Street. She was transported from the scene in an ambulance headed to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford.

City workers spent almost two hours cleaning up the scene after the wreck.

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