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Whites Will Celebrate 65th Anniversary On April 23

Henry “Bo” and Grace Williams White

Henry “Bo” and Grace Williams White will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary on April 23, 2020, with a quiet day at home. No public celebration can be held due to the current pandemic. 

“Bo” had just completed boot camp in California and returned home to claim his bride, Grace, following her graduation from Water Valley High School on April 22. Their wedding day was the following day, April 23, 1955, so he could take  her back to California with him.

During their years together they have spent time almost all over the world. Bo is a 20-year veteran of the Navy, spent in Guam. He came back to Water Valley for a few years, where he worked for his Uncle Frank Wilbourn, a local contractor, helping construct homes.

Back in the service of his country, Bo then spent four years in the Air Force in Japan and Texas. Again in the Navy, he spent time in Virginia, the Philippines, Spain and South Carolina. During many of these years abroad, his family was with him. 

Grace, a homemaking major, was able to care for the home and children, even making their clothes – they could get material, but often ready-made wear was unavailable in the places they were stationed. She was also an excellent cook, so they fared well where ever home was.

The Whites finally came home to the Valley for good and Bo became the manager of Tri-Lake Water Association  in 1975. Grace worked with him as office manager at the water association. Bo also worked for an off-shore oil drilling company as head mechanic for 17 years, while still caring for the water system. He was an excellent troubleshooter for the pipelines and many times after “retirement” he was called back to help with major problems.

In addition to her help with the water association and as a homemaker, Grace was an avid bowler for 30 years. She participated in many Women’s National Bowling Tournaments. She and Bo have enjoyed this sport together and daughter, Cheryl, is also an avid bowler and  traveled with her Mom to tournaments.

The Whites are parents of three children including Deborah Blackwell (Lance) of Shepherd, Texas. Deborah is a retired health care worker and Lance retired from the military two years ago. They have two adopted children, Sonya Gadske of North Carolina, and Joshua Blackwell, of Texas. 

Another daughter, Cheryl Mims (Mark) lives in Lobelville, Texas and she works in health care. 

Their son, Bodie White, and his wife, Gloria, live in Water Valley. Their only biological granddaughter, Cora Grace White, went to  live in heaven when she was 26 years old in April of 2015. The Whites also have five great-grands, Brandon, Ashley, Brittany, Kiylee, and Harper; and two great-great-grands, Ava and Isla.

Having lived such exciting and useful lives, it is wished that this special milestone  for the Whites will be a very happy one. In the interview for this article, their daughter, Deborah, reports that she and her husband, along with her sister, Cheryl, and probably other family members plan to join Brother Bo and his family in a very special celebration with their parents.

Also  of  interest is that Bo has now retired for the third time – maybe for good this time?


  1. Selina M. Ratliff on April 28, 2020 at 8:13 pm

    The Whites were long time friends and a beautiful couple. I spent a lot of time in their home in Spain as a teenager. Deborah Grace was my best friend and still to this day. Grace will be missed by all who knew her. May God send his blessings of peace to the entire family.
    With the love of Christ,
    Ed and Selina Ratliff

  2. Paul Freeman on April 28, 2020 at 10:38 pm

    I never knew my uncle Bo and I have only recently learned of my biological father Charles Aubrey White and I am sorry that I could not travel to White Family reunion and have met you all. But the love that permeates from the messages I have seen is well recognised and I pass on my condolences and hopefully my sister Tera will also be able to pass on my love and appreciation. New Zealand is still far far away from the US of A.

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