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Betty’s Week

           By Betty Shearer

Enjoyed my delivery trip last Wednesday morning. It was so good to see Paula and others at Dunn’s. Know everyone is excited to be able to get their great food again, and the fishermen are certainly happy to be able to get bait and other supplies without having to travel long distances. Although we’re not through this crisis yet, everyone seemed to be optimistic as to possibly soon turning the corner on it. However, latest numbers (Monday) of new cases seem to squash that hope. Maybe the end will come soon—we can hope.

Woodland Hills is delivering food to members and friends who are ill and need a little help. For a long time now, as most of you know, I’ve not been able to help. Did get back to doing a little cooking on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. They gave me the privilege of providing a little dessert and I made caramel cakes, a favorite of several of my family members. I do enjoy being in the kitchen and will continue to  help with the sweets and other items, as needed. 

Thursday morning I delivered the cakes to the church and then washed dishes and clothes. Also part of the day I enjoyed some great visiting via the phone. As I’m sure many of you are, I’m really learning to appreciate the phone so much. In prior days, it was mostly a nuisance, ringing when you’re in the middle of something, when I was eating a meal or just watching a TV show. 

Now, I really look forward to it ringing, no matter what I’m doing. If we can’t visit face-to-face, at least we can talk and if you know how to use your smart phones you can actually see faces – I’m not that smart. 

Had planned to go to visit Bill and Jimmie Thursday afternoon but with my plate filling up and she had been called in to do some work, that was postponed. Friday, with our inclement weather, I just stayed home, put up some of the clean-out from Mom’s nursing home room (and it was no easy task), washing items from there and doing my own laundry. I also washed tons of dishes from a fridge clean-out. How does so much accumulate in a fridge that is less than a month old? 

Birds and squirrels did get a fest though and they seemed to enjoy it when the sun finally came out again. Filled up a couple of garbage bags, but the vacuum is still in the hall waiting to be used and the orange oil and dust rag, also are still waiting to be used.  May just plant some seeds on the furniture—think the soil there is probably deeper and better than what’s on my hill. 

Seriously though, I do have plans to put some tomato, pepper and herb plants into my pots before the planting season is over. May even plant some squash and okra seeds. Would like to plant some field corn, but would have to clear a new ground in the old garden spot to do this.

On Wednesday afternoon Henry Johnson came by and cut back limbs from over my driveway, house, and electric lines, just in time to keep them from damaging the roof on the sunroom and maybe blocking my drive down to the highway if we have another storm. Do appreciate Henry—he does good job. 


Sunday was my first Mother’s Day without a Mom. For many years at Pope Baptist Church, she was the  mother with the most children present. Later she was the oldest mother present. Ed’s mother died 20 years ago, and he always had red and white roses growing in his rose garden. Mother Shearer died May 2, 2000, and of course the next Sunday was Mother’s Day. As he went to the van, he stopped by the roses and picked a red rose. 

I offered, “Honey, you’re supposed to wear a white rose today.” 

His answer made me so happy, as he said, “I still have a living mother.”  He wore a red rose for the rest of his life. He and Mom were always so close. As long as he lived, she got into the van for rides, to eat supper out on Friday or Saturday nights (often both nights), and attended any event he thought she needed to. He always said he had the best mother-in-law every. 

Well, I got that same compliment Sunday when Celeste and Jim called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. Celeste said exactly those same words and I have to return that compliment, “I have the best daughter-in-law ever.” Their gift which I’d received on Wednesday was wonderful, Moose Munch popcorn, which I do so enjoy, but really don’t need to eat. When Jim called to tell me the gift was on its way, I had shared that my glucose count had been high that morning (was the morning after Mom’s death with no sleep for many hours and a steady diet of junk food). 

It’s now back down in the normal range, even with eating lots of things not good for my diet. Had popcorn for Saturday night supper and for several days I have been munching on Sammie Cobern’s pecan pie muffins (those things are delicious). 

The first sermon I heard Sunday was by Rev. Charles Stanley, one of my favorite preachers. It was titled “A Godly Mother,” listing ten attributes of her. My Mom fully embraced all 10. Can’t remember them all, but first was being Godly, then a servant, loving, encouraging, praying, kind, gentle, and on and on. Know she was all of these things all of her life, even praying the most beautiful prayers even after she was no longer completely with us. 

She often prayed for those who were worse off than her. I just hope I can come close to living up to her example. A couple of other sermons were on faith and trust and still a couple more encompassed the observance of the Lord’s Supper.  All were beautiful and uplifting services. The Tupelo Presbyterian Church service also includes a bit of music, which I really enjoyed. Will be so glad when we can again assemble in our places of worship, but do appreciate all the messages I hear each Sunday. 

After our TV services, Wanda and Bud McCluskey came by for me and we had a Mother’s Day picnic purchased drive-by at Cook-Out in Oxford and eaten in Wanda’s SUV parked under a tree in the parking lot of the new Malco Theatre. I did not even know this new area existed—I’m amazed each time I go to Oxford at the building going on there. When all this is over we’re going to have so much to explore and enjoy. Do hope all mothers had a great day—I sure did. 

On the Sunday visit outside the house I was amazed at all the beautiful landscape – even the plants that mess up my sinuses are beautiful. Love the magnolias that are beginning to flower big time. They make me think of my wedding, which was decorated with blooms from the trees in Magnolia Park. The city electric crew got them from the tops of the trees with the bucket truck. 

Think the trees bloomed earlier back then, because only the tops still had blooms on my June 19th wedding day. Memories are so much fun and I believe we are all enjoying them more during these times  when we are often left alone, or at most with a few family members to visit with.

Well we have at least another two weeks in isolation, so let’s just eat, read, watch TV, talk on the phone, and do whatever else we can think of to entertain ourselves. Then when we can get out again, we’ll appreciate and enjoy going to church, shopping, and just visiting again, so much  more.

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