Businesses Are Feeling The ‘Corona Crunch’

By Mickey Howley
WVMSA Director

If you’re a small business person, and Water Valley’s Main Street is full of small business people, you have been hurting.  Let me define small here, as the definition of “small” varies depending on who is defining, but I’ve seen it called small with the upper limit as high as 500 people to as low as 50. My definition of small is a two dozen or less co-workers in a place. After that a business is a medium size operation. It is all relative.

What small business people have in shortest supply, other than deep pockets, is time.  Yes, small business people usually do not have a whole lot of either – time or money. Kind of makes one wonder why you’d do it in the first place. Well, not everyone is cut out for or desires to be a big corporation or big entity (think government or education or hospital) worker. Right now, it is the small business people, the business person and the co-workers, who are feeling the corona crunch the most. 

Time seems to have been altered in this pandemic, for some there is too much time, for others not enough hours in the day. If you are feeling strange, that’s the new normal. If you are a small business person, you’re feeling overwhelmed, maybe angry, and maybe not especially hopeful.

 There’s help out there, but it seems scattered and the what is available is changing daily. I’d like to give you one source, but there is not any one. 

The Small Business Administration is good and the Mississippi Development Authority is a good place, also. One website that targets what most concerns small business on Mississippi’s Main Streets is the state Main Street association website at There you will find a really good listing of programs and ideas to cope in this time. Finding the time to read all that is difficult, but please try and locate a period where you can read and learn. 

 The number of cases in Yalobusha has increased in the last week, essentially a doubling. For every known case of Covid-19, there are plenty of unknown cases. People who don’t get sick or barely ill, but nonetheless can transmit the virus. Such was the case of the person who infected my parents and brothers. 

And what we know now is the transmission is worse in indoor spaces. They were in the same room, as little as 15 minutes, and they got it.  Outside, such as in parks or walking alone, or with proper distancing, there is almost no record of transmission.

Wearing a mask in public enclosed spaces is best and an unofficial survey says half the people when shopping are not doing that. You might not care if you die or get sick, but you don’t have the right to make that call for the person working or their family. 

So, if you are inside a business space, please wear a mask.

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