Extension Agent Extends Farewell And Thanks

By Kyle Jeffreys
Mississippi State
Extension Service

This will be my last article to write as the Yalobusha County Extension agent and I must say it is a sad day. When I started with Extension, I really dreaded writing these articles, not because of a lack of material, but because of a lack of literary knowledge on my part.
You see when I was in school, I was always good in math but never very good in English or creative writing. But over the last several years I have grown to enjoy writing these articles because I enjoy sharing the things I experience while out in the county as well as highlighting achievements of our youth while competing in 4-H events. As a matter of fact, the most enjoyable article I wrote while serving as Extension agent was about a boy with Down Syndrome that won the 17-18 year old Beef Showmanship at the state fair in Jackson.
Some of you might remember that article that highlighted the fact that now matter the situation, with a little hard work and determination anyone can thrive in their environment.
I have also received numerous calls and acknowledgments over the last week congratulating me on my new position. Several friends have called me a turncoat (whatever that means), but for the most part everyone has been accepting of my leaving.
For those of you that have my cell phone number and email address, they will not change so I am sure that I will have time to answer a few questions here and there for the wayward gardeners and novice wildlife managers. Also, there are always people at the Extension office that can answer your questions. And if they don’t know the answer, they can find the answer.
I would like to just say thank you to each person that has called or sought out information from me at the Extension office over the last 4 and a half years. Each question is different, and each answer has been different. With that I would encourage all of you to get out and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. If you are a gardener don’t be afraid to try new things but never forget the old things that work and if something doesn’t work this year you can always try something new next year. For those of you that are afraid to try new things, there are better tasting tomatoes than a Better Boy or a Jubilee watermelon.
(Editor’s Note: Last week Kyle Jeffreys took a new job with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and will leave the Extension Service on May 22.)

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