Last Will And Testament Of Class Of ‘41

Hill Country Living
By Coulter Fussell

It’s a Wagner Week and I saw Ann Wagner’s obituary in the paper last week, written by her schoolmate Charlotte Boggs Rea. The Wagner Letters include lots of Ann’s school paraphernalia and I recognized Charlotte’s name right away!

The Yellow Jacket Senior Edition

April 25, 1941

Last will and testament of Water Valley High Shcool class of  ‘41: I, Elizabeth Bagguley, do leave my basketball suit to Dorothy Tutor. I, Dot Bennett, do leave my ability to flirt to Julia Mearl Patton. I, Anne Brown, do leave my Coca Cola bottles to Sara Jane Harris. I, Charlotte Boggs, do will my knowledge of English to Wanda Lee. I, Mary Kay Clark, do leave my typing errors to Nell Edwards. I, Cliffie Craven, do will my athletic ability to Jane Wells. I, Jane Davis, do leave my Model A Ford to Miss Paxton. I, Eula Donnell, do leave my quietness to Annie Laura Vaughan. I Lynrose Early, do leave my place on the basketball team to Mary Nell Myers. I, Jackson French, do will my sense of humor to Janie Goodwin. I, Evelyn Gean, do will my seriousness to Eleanor Moorhead. I, Evelyn Gore, do will my red hair and freckles to Ada McCracken. I, Nell Gore, do leave my popularity to Ruth Brown. I Edna Hudgins, do leave my height to Frances Boxx. I, Betty Sue Johnson, do will my knowledge of chemistry to Elizabeth Hale. I, Jenny Kennedy, do will all my discarded jokes to Hunt Armistead. I, Marjorie Milstead, do leave my blond hair to Ruby Louise Johnson. I, Ruth Milstead, do leave my platinum blondness to Gloria Cardner. I, Ted McGonagill, do will my driving ability to Pat Horan. I, Martha Parsons, do leave my job as editor in chief to my successor. I, Laura Mae Phillips, do leave my brunette hair to Evelyn King. I, Vera Roberts, do leave my piano playing ability to Harold Fair. I, Ann Wagner, do leave my typing ability to Mary Jane Appleton. I, Frances Williamson, do leave my organ toned voice to Mary Alyce Egger. I, Janye Lou Young, do leave my ability to chew gum gracefully to Ruth Williams. I, Russell Aven, do leave my knowledge to Taylor Williamson. I, Ole E. Aune, do leave my milking ability to James White. I, Elmo Bagguley, do leave my basketball ability to Jim Shields. I, Bill Barrett, do leave my curly hair to Louie Henry. I, Percy Boxx, do leave my talent for writing love letters to Bill Hyde. I, “Hambone” Courtney, do leave my skill as “soda jerker” to Kenneth Sissel. I, Ray Eubanks, do leave my old worn out overalls to Oscar Parsons. I, “Booby” Gwin, do leave my ability to grow tall to Jack Dalton. I, “Ducky” Holloway, do will my book, “How to Keep Thin” to Frank Williams. I, Billy Knox, do will my business ability to the next business manager of The Yellow Jacket. I, Billy Frank Mathis, do leave my ability to play the trombone to Hubert Bagett. I, Bruce Myrick, do leave my love for riding horses to Clyde Howard. I, Mabry McMillan, do leave my skill at boasting to Charles Baird. I, F.H. Poteete, do leave my success with the girls to Stanley Morgan. I, Harvey Tutor, do leave my skill at “playing hooky” to Ralph Howard. I, Ray Tyler, do will my motorcycle to Bill White. I, “Chinky” Williams, do leave my acting ability to James Hubble. I, James Cofer, do will my book keeping ability to Clinton Dickey. I, Hervey Perry, do will my place as “Most Handsome Boy” to Pat Holloway. I, Albert Porter Tippler, do leave my absentmindedness to I.J. Mars.

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