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The Sun Is Shining And The Garden Is Growing

             TILLATOBA NEWS
                   By Patsy Deck

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful sunshine. Our garden has taken off and looking good.

Please pray for Sheila Jackson.  She has been having a lot of shoulder pain and went to the doctor to have it checked out. He thinks it’s frozen and has ordered a MRI. She has been also having a lot of knee pain and has been wearing a brace on her knee.

Bob Sturdivant went to Jackson Tuesday afternoon so he could be at UMMC at six Wednesday morning to have surgery to put in a stint to repair the tear in his aorta. Bob is going to spend the night with his brother, John Sturdivant, and John is going to take him to the hospital and stay with him. 

Update on the surgery: The doctor said everything went well and they are going to monitor him for 24 hours. He was in ICU but got moved to a room. Bob had a slight degree of fever so he didn’t get to come home Saturday.

Sadie Harper got her results Thursday afternoon on her MRI. They are sending her to see a neurosurgeon in Oxford. Sadie needs surgery on her back. Her  L5 has a bulging disc and the one below has a benign tumor (.9 cm) that is pressing on the nerve and causing all the numbness.  Please keep Sadie in your prayers. She also got a cortisone shot in her knee Thursday and she says it feels a lot better.

Shelia O’Bryant, Sadie’s daughter, had to go to the doctor last week and found out she has plantar fasciitis. She will be off work for a few days.

Sandra McCulla and grandson, Jacob McCulla visited Jessie Williams Saturday and Sunday.

I got a call from my cousin in Germany Sunday afternoon and he said things are about the same over there as here concerning the Coronavirus.

I talked to my friend Peggy Bailey by phone Sunday afternoon and she said they are just sitting at home looking at each other. Peggy has an appointment this week in Oxford to see a new doctor. I hope all goes well for you, Peggy. Their daughter, Jennifer Ross visited them a little while one morning over the weekend.

Our visitors Sunday were daughters Donna Garripoli and Brandy Rounsaville. Donna brought up Churchs’ chicken and all the works. Brandy brought an appetite.

Later Sunday afternoon our friend from Caledonia, Susan Bell, came and spent the night. She cooked a delicious supper for us. Monday morning she rode to Southaven with us for David to get more shots in his back.

Martha Box said she got out and walked an hour Sunday morning. She said it was  so hot afterwards, she had to take an ice cold shower and cold head wash. She went to church with a wet head.

Martha said when she walked into church some hugs and kisses were waiting on her. Martha went to Pope at Willow Springs and heard Bro. Tommy Darby preach.

The music, the word, the spirit, God poured out the welcome back children spirit! She said not only her, but all in that building was praising HIM!

Please pray for Joshua Milan. He had to go back to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Monday morning.

Thought for the day…. If you can’t find anything nice to say about your friends, you have the wrong friends.

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