Chamber Awards Business Spotlight Award To Joe York

Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce President Raymond Hawkins (right) presented the Business Spotlight Award to Joe York last Friday.

WATER VALLEY – Joe York was presented the prestigious Business Spotlight Award by Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce president Raymond Hawkins on Friday, June 19.

Joe York and his wife, Kathryn, moved to Water Valley a little over four years ago. At that time, he had recently left his position at the University of Mississippi where he made documentary films, and launched a new freelance video production business.  “We’ve come to love Water Valley as much as those of you lucky enough to be born and raised here,” York said. “Along the way, I got roped into buying and renovating the office building at 20 South Main Street with a few friends, and my production company now lives at that address along with six other local businesses.”

According to York his business is by far the least interesting of those located at 20 South Main. “I mainly make videos for state tourism agencies, ad agencies, and other corporate clients. I’m basically a professional tourist with a video camera. It’s good work, I enjoy it, and it pays the bills.” 

York explained that others who work there are: “Rebekah Flake, a renowned photographer and artist who exhibits her work across the US; Michael Farris Smith, an insanely gifted novelist who’s books are currently being made into movies you’ll be watching one day soon; Brett and Hallie Thomas, the hardest working power couple in Water Valley; the incomparable Coach Bob Tyler, who needs no introduction, and the amazingly talented Gladne Harris, a master seamstress and artist who teaches classes here when she’s not sewing masks to give to our heroes in law enforcement. We’ve worked hard to make 20 South Main Street a place where anyone who needs a space to work, be creative, and invest in their own talents can do so around others who share their passion for making the world just a little bit better every day.”

He says that he appreciated the Chamber and its members who were doing the heavy lifting in Water Valley, “long before we came around and we appreciate them blazing a trail for us to follow and for supporting us in our efforts. Working together we can create opportunities for small and large businesses alike to make a home in Water Valley, a place they’ll grow to love and cherish as much as all of us here at 20 South Main Street do.” 

Business Spotlight Drawing for $25 VISA Card

In honor of this Business Spotlight award for Joe York the Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce is offering a $25 gift card to the person who can correctly answer this question:

What is the significance of the term H.264?

All correct answers will be complied and the winning name will be drawn on Thursday, July 2. You have “10 days and two ways” to answer between now (June 23) and July 2.

You may (1) reply on Facebook OR (2) stop by the Chamber Office any time during regular office hours and leave a written answer. The winner will be called OR notified on Facebook.

The winner’s name and photograph will be published in the following edition of the North Mississippi Herald.

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