City Officials Unanimously Approve Mask Mandate For Businesses

During Monday night’s special called city meeting, Mayor Donald Gray addresses a large audience on the videoconference as concerns were shared about an event at Crawford Sports Complex.

WATER VALLEY – The Water Valley Board of Aldermen voted unanimously during a special meeting on July 14 to require masks or face coverings in all businesses open to the public.

Provisions in the ordinance, which took effect Friday, July 17, at noon include:

• All businesses open to the public shall require employees to wear a mask or face covering that covers the mouth and nose while working within six feet of the public. Employees are defined as anyone working inside the store such as owners, managers, supervisors, custodians, etc. Appropriate face coverings include, but are not limited to, masks, scarves, bandannas, etc. Covering the face with the shirt you are wearing is not an acceptable face covering.

Exemptions include children under 10; people with medical issues or disabilities which inhibit their ability to wear a mask or face covering safety; and people eating in designated areas such as restaurants.

• All businesses open to the public are required to post signage notifying customers of the mask requirement before they enter the building. 

• All persons entering into a business open to the public, which are not employees of said business, shall wear a mask or face covering as described.

• All city employees, while on duty, shall wear a mask or face covering that covers the nose and mouth upon coming within six feet of the general public.

The penalty for violating the ordinance is $100 for the first offense and $200 for each subsequent offense. (See Dave’s World column under Herald Columnist for more about the mask ordinance.)

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  1. Kathy Goad on July 24, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    I feel that we should close some small business and schools, have only curb side service like in the beginning. This time it should last for a month. If it works then the businesses and schools could open up. We have alot of elderly and very young people in our county. We need to put our safety first. It should cost more of a fine for no mask. If you leave your home, the mask should be on your face. There should also be a stronger curfew for the teens. All teens should have masks on and home by 10 PM Monday through Saturday and 8pm on Sunday. I know my opinion doesn’t matter much, but I’m entitled to it. Everyone please be safe. We can replace businesses, but we can’t replace our lives.

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