Authorities Seek Suspect In Attempted Murder In Oakland

An arrest warrant for attempted murder has been issued for Johnno Jenkins. He remains at-large.

OAKLAND – An Oakland man is clinging to life after he was struck and dragged by a vehicle Friday night on Spruce Street. Joe Willie Jenkins, 49,  was flown to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis following what authorities are describing as a deliberate assault.
Yalobusha County Sheriff Mark D. Fulco reported a warrant for attempted murder has been issued for Johnno Jenkins, 31, of Oakland in connection with the incident. The suspect remains at-large.
Captain Thomas West and Narcotics agent Brent Anderson were on duty and responded after a resident in the area dialed 911. The deputies reported the caller heard tires squealing and an engine revving. The caller went outside and found Joe Willie Jenkins laying in the road. West said information gathered at the scene indicates that the altercation stemmed from a dispute between the men, who are cousins. Johnno Jenkins alleged struck Joe Willie Jenkins with his vehicle, knocking him down. Johnno Jenkins then allegedly ran over him, dragging him under the vehicle a short distance down Spruce Street in Oakland.
Fulco also said there had a been a gathering in the area before the incident and people in the area have been very cooperative with the ongoing investigation. He also said the Oakland Fire Department assisted at the scene, setting up a landing zone at the intersection of Holly and Peach streets for the helicopter.
The sheriff added the helicopter made it to the landing zone in 18 minutes and an EMS crew transported Jenkins to the awaiting chopper.

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