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Betty’s Week

Betty’s Week
By Betty Shearer

Delivery on Wednesday was fun, with light traffic and only one close call – my bad. Leaving the hospital going north, I failed to see an auto with its turn signal indicating it was turning into the hospital. We both have good brakes so we didn’t get very close to each other, but I do apologize to whomever I scared.
At Dunn’s Sammie Anthony was picking up paper from the floor and I expressed my approval that he’d found employment. Sammie’s a long-time friend and we do enjoy kidding each other.  Traffic was light and customers in the stores were few. Didn’t even see many fishing boats on 32, 315 or at Dunn’s.
Most Thursdays I go to the Coles for a visit. However, I’d pressed Mel into delivery services for food purchased for Jimmie. Mel only lives about a mile from Bill and Jimmie. With my Thursday to-do list filled, I was about to make a flying trip to the Cole home between closing time and prayer meeting Wednesday, when the light bulb came on and I realized that Mel could save me a trip. She was glad to do my errand.
Our prayer meeting begins at 6:30 and it was also business meeting night, which I didn’t want to miss. Even though I was sure there was no pressing business, I don’t want to set a bad example. I preach all the time to folks who complain about what’s going on in church, but never show up to offer their input on what’s happening or to vote on the business of the church. I don’t just remind Woodland members of this but also urge members of  other congregations to attend business sessions and offer their input –  then they can complain if they feel  it’s needed. With Mel’s help I even had time for a sandwich.
Thursday, I was going to charge the bed sheets in the guest bedroom and also my bedroom. Queen size beds are hard to make up, especially with only one person doing the job. That’s just another reason I miss Ed (it’s way down the list, but still a miss).
Got the guest bed linens washed, dried and back on the bed about middle of the morning. While waiting on the wash and dry cycle I swept and mopped the floor and then dusted the furniture. After I got the sheets back on, I decided to touch up the bathroom. I’d already washed the towels. Got that room looking good and then it was down the stairs for some lunch. Had a couple of home-grown tomatoes, so BLTs sounded good. Looked for a 12-ounce package of bacon—only found a couple of the 40 ounce size. Thawed and then cooked the whole thing. Now it takes a while to cook all that bacon and my whole house smelled like bacon. Thank goodness for Frebreeze Air Affects – it does clear the air. Finally got to eat a sandwich.
After lunch I turned my attention to my bedroom. Stripped the bed, put sheets into the washer and then mopped and dusted while the linens got clean and dry. Again struggled to get those tight sheets on that oversized mattress. I have a newer mattresses and the old sheets must have been smaller. After all this I was tired and just called it a day. Became a couch potato and watched some of the Hallmark movies, alternating with Matlock and Perry Mason on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.
Friday I cooked – one of my favorite pastimes. Made walnut brownies, lemon ice box pies, baked a ham and cooked veggies and cornbread. Then I had to clean up the kitchen and take out the garbage. Finally got around to eating some of my cooking. Next it was back to the couch, where when I turned on the TV and was reminded that it was 9-11.
The question most often asked about this date is, “Do you remember where you were?”  My memory is very clear and most of you have heard my story many times – but I aways enjoy repeating it.
It’s the only day I every remember being late to work on Tuesday. Ed was sitting on the bed, having just gotten out of the shower.   When I got out of the shower, found him still wrapped in his towel. He began telling me what had happened and as I watched the TV I could hardly believe my eyes. Still in my towel, I sat beside him and with tears in our eyes we watched, as the towers came down – almost unbelievable. Then we sat stunned as the rest of the events unfolded. Finally we pulled ourselves together, dressed and went on to work. I still have trouble watching the footage of the events of that day.
Sure did envy those who got to attend the WVHS Blue Devils/Bruce Trojans game Friday night.  Freddie Folson, who was in the office Monday shared that the Devils trounced the Trojans, winning by a score of 45-0.  As Freddie and I visited, we shared many memories of games we’ve attended through the years.
One outstanding memory was that all though the years, winning or loosing, the support for this team has been tremendous, both for home and away games. I remember one year when the Blue Devils won only one game,  the crowd of fans still followed them and some of those away games required long trips.
During my 45 years with Ed we missed very few games and I enjoyed them all even though I had no knowledge of the game. It was alway fun to visit with friends, eat hot dogs and nachos and cheer the boys on. Often at the away games we rode with friends and that made for a fun outing.
Saturday I made a return trip to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items I’d forgotten. Had grocery shopped on both Wednesday to get ground beef for Jimmie (she prefers Larson’s meat to any store in Batesville) and Thursday to shop for me, each day without a list, so naturally I failed to get two very important items.
Back at home I walked around the yard and naturally stepped on fire ant beds. Those things hurt. It’s time for an annihilation program – get out the flying insect killer and shovel. Dig up hills, spray until the worker ants are dead, repeating this until you reach the queen and squash her. It works, but it takes lots of time and effort. Was chased inside by a hard rain – black cloud but no lightening or thunder.
The sun came back out and then a little later had another black cloud and more rain, finally got some thunder and lightening and more rain. In between one of the clouds, Jim called to check up on the family and the Valley. He’s now teaching all classes on line, but does have instrumental students  in the studio. They have shields dividing instructors and students. Practice rooms are also available. Not the most desirable mode of teaching, but it’s better than no education and is pretty safe.
He also reminded me that I have a birthday coming up. Told him I didn’t want to be reminded of that, but he says I’ll have one whether I remember it or not. Don’t guess I can get around those things. He and Celeste were going to watch a Steelers’ game—their favorite team.
He warned me to spell Steelers correctly  if I mentioned it, because several years ago I spelled it incorrectly (Stealers). I assured him I knew how to spell the name and I was sure  my auto correction program had caused the error.
Sunday Woodland Hills enjoyed the formal celebration of its 20th anniversary. Barbara Warren presented the history of the church, Sammie Cobern gave a summary of the financial program, Becky York gave a power-point  production of the mission trips and other aspects of the out-reach of the church and I got to tell about the pastors, interim pastors, and supply speakers who have helped lead the church, spiritually, numerically, and financially, through these 20 years.
It was fun remembering all these fine men. In addition to the program, there was a display of photos  made during church events through the years. I only got a brief time with these pictures, but am looking forward to spending more time seeing all the fun times we have enjoyed and the many folks that have passed through our midst – many of them now gone on to their heavenly home.
After the service Bud, Wanda and I enjoyed our weekly outing. Got take-out in Oxford, and came back to the church for our picnic and visit. It was a  fun-filled day and we thank God for all His blessings during the past 20 years and ask that He continues to bless Woodland Hills through many more years.

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