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Betty’s Week

Betty’s Week
By Betty Shearer

Beginning my day last Wednesday morning was very unusual—no traffic at all at the 315/7 By-Pass and only a few cars on Main Street. First stop to drop off papers, which is at Sprint Mart, found only one customer pumping gas and no one  in the store (usually there are several customers).
At Larson’s those looking for breakfast were fewer than usual. Business picked up at Dunn’s, where I found lots of vehicles and a breakfast crowd. Back down the bypass everyone had awakened and were on the move – counted about 20 cars in the south bound lane before I got to the Edwards drive and at the 315 turn to get to Express Mart I had a long wait. Back in the Valley it was almost bumper to bumper. Was sorry to learn at Water Valley Food and Gas Mart of the deaths of both  Linda’s brother and her co-worker, Robert Turner. Sympathy is extended to these families.
Had planned a trip to the Cole home early Thursday morning, since I’d missed going to Panola County the previous week. This was canceled due to exposure to a positive case of COVID in their family. Jimmie’s and Bill’s grandson, Jack, is a member of a traveling baseball team and had been on the road playing. Granddaughter, Caroline, spent the weekend with Bill and Jimmie and they took her home Sunday.
Monday morning Jack announced that he could not taste his toothpaste, was taken to the doctor, and tested positive for the virus. Since the Cole’s had been with him Sunday afternoon they are quarantined for 14 days. So far they are all fine.
With nowhere else to go, I spent three days by myself – longest time completely alone in my entire life. Did enjoy lots of great phone visits. Wanda calls every day to check on me, and, of course, Jimmie and I talked. I also got in a very enjoyable visit with sister-in-law Ginny, Rance’s wife. Rance had gone over to help Bo on one of their restoration projects, so she had some free time and we talked.
Was enjoyable to catch up, since we’ve not seen each other except at Mom’s funeral and Mom’s birthday party in a long time and both of those gathering were rather large and did not lend to one-on-one time. You know we’re really bored, since we began planning a road trip when this  is over and we can again travel safely – sounds great to me. Maybe I can talk everyone into a really long trip, perhaps to New Mexico.
I’d eaten left-overs on Thursday, but on Friday I decided to cook. Had a package of chicken breast, so thawed and cooked them. Made a chicken pot pie, chicken alfredo, and even had one left to make a sandwich for lunch. Grilled chicken breast, along with home-grown tomato, and lettuce makes a good meal. Also, ate a small piece of pie. While cleaning the kitchen, my faucet broke. I’d had it for many years and it was the best I’ve ever had. Just know that when I set out to find a replacement exactly like it, it’s not going to be available. Can hope though.
Also, on Friday I was glad to see that the Home & Family Show was back live. One of the interesting suggestions on the hair and make-up segment was on treatment of hair. With so many at home without access to a beauty salon, the suggestion for all hair with scalp problems was to dissolve two aspirin in the amount of shampoo you’d use for a washing. Lather up and let it stay in the hair for a couple of minutes and then rinse thoroughly.
Report was that it would stop dandruff and other problems, along with rejuvenating pores and promoting growth. Another was for dark hair. Soak hair in coffee to color and promote shine. If these work, and I doubt that they would have been on national TV if they had not been tested, this would be great with our limited salon access, and much cheaper in normal times. They also had lots of interesting recipes and so many cute DIY projects.
On Sunday morning I grabbed my Bible and purse and was off to church. Hopped into the van and all it did was click, click, click. Called Bud and Wanda and they were just going out the door so hitched a ride. After church we had our usual meal outing. Back at the church, I picked up the spare van and it cranked, so I had a ride. However, the McCluskey’s made sure I got home safely. Then Monday morning I got to work on time, as the spare cranked and ran fine. Called George Crocker and he is now fixing my van.
Could have been really done without all these trials over the weekend, but got to thinking how good God is. The family is doing okay, I still have water even though it splashes a little and I don’t have a spray, and I have a spare van so I’m not walking. I am truly blessed.
Another blessing is this cooler weather, with lower humidity. Sunday morning I found an outfit with long sleeves.
I’ve never seen the  need for the United States to rely on foreign powers. We have plenty of  natural resources, industrial plants, manpower, and everything else to be a self-contained nation. Why don’t we put our factories back to use, thereby giving jobs to the many unemployed instead of paying them to sit home, be bored and get into trouble. I hate picking up everything I wear or use and it say made in another country. I even picked an old beach towel Saturday morning when I got out of the shower to wrap up in and, as usual, I read the label. Would you believe that this probably 20 years old article said, “Made in Brazil.”
It’s great to see the old Rice Stix/ Big Yank Building being remodeled and put back into use. However, it should never have closed. We should still be producing blue jeans and other clothing items in that plant. However, I’m so glad that the schools housed there are in our city and appreciate the hard work of Kagan and Glen.
Us older heads often reminisce about all the great industries, stores and recreational opportunities we’ve had over the years. As have most cities and towns, we’ve let so much slip away, by not supporting all we have had.
It’s hard to believe that September is almost gone. October, which brings Halloween, will soon be here. Maybe we can at least put up fall decorations, and maybe give treats, even if we have to just prepare individual goodie bags to hand out. Our children do need some fun.

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