A Possible Jilting Evokes Minnie’s Wrath

Hill Country Living
By Coulter Fussell

It’s a Wagner Week and this a continuation of the last Wagner Week’s letter from Minnie to Ed dated March 12, 1887. It seems a romantic relationship may have developed in the few weeks between these two letters.
Ed better write Minnie back like she says because I would not want to suffer the wrath of Minnie-without-a-letter. She’s intense! I kind of feel bad because she begs him not to show anyone this letter and here I am publishing it in the paper. But she doesn’t say anything juicy and I’m sure karma will eventually get me. Lastly, her Easter plans are… interesting?
Peace Institute
April 8th, 1887
Dear Sweetheart,
I am just as mad with you as I can be! If I was there I’d never speak to you again and I had made up my mind never to write again, but it is so intolerably dull and lonesome this eve. I’m just obliged to do something. Complimentary, isn’t it? But you know I never tell anything but the truth. Never! Well, hardly ever.
Ed, honestly, if you wait so long this time I’ll be mad sure enough because I’ll just think you don’t want to hear from me. Now if you really don’t, why you had just better say so, and I won’t think anything of it at all.
School broke up Thursday and we have holiday until Tuesday but excuse me from holidays if this is a sample! I declare! I thought I should die a natural death yesterday and today has not much better. Half of the girls have gone home and they won’t allow us poor creatures to put our feet outside of the gate.
Ed, I heard something you said about me and if I believed it – but I don’t and am not going to until I hear you say so yourself because I don’t believe you would say such a thing especially about me. Please tell me everything you said to Bessie about me that night at the house. But for my sake don’t ever tell her I mentioned it to you because I promised not to.
By the way, you remember my “Diamonds and Rubies” ring? It is many miles off now. Just think! Isn’t it enough to make me shed tears?
Ed, you say you will be glad when I come home. Don’t mention it! I know you won’t be one half of one third as glad as I will and just think it is not very long now. Only until the first day of June. School closes that last day of May and I will have leave on the very next train.
What are you all doing Easter? Having anything fun? We are going to the Penitentiary on Monday, also the Deaf and Dumb, and Insane Asylum.
I received a lovely Easter card yesterday but I can’t imagine who on Earth sent it. It has no name, postmark or anything and I never saw the handwriting in my life.
Ed, if you ever show my letter to anyone I’ll never forgive you! Promise me that you won’t, won’t you?
Well, I must close with much love for all.
Most sincerely yours,
P.S. Write REAL SOON if you ever want to speak to me again!

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