October Is Time For Membership Renewals

By Mickey Howley
WVMSA Director

This year the Water Valley Main Street Association celebrates 13 years of downtown revitalization efforts.  If you are new to town, you might have moved here because our downtown is alive and keeps going, even during a pandemic.  If you have been a long-time resident of Water Valley, you have personally witnessed many improvements on Main Street.
In October, we ask the community for several things; new members, new board members and membership renewals. Our philosophy of doing with what is already here has driven the downtown revitalization. It also has kept us with a modest budget, one of the lowest in the country for Main Street towns, but with an economic impact that is one of the highest per capita.
This is an exceptionally hard year for all of us, but better times are in the future and our growth and vitality as a town depends on each one of us. With your financial support, the Main Street Association, Water Valley will continue to grow economically stronger and more socially vibrant. Right now, it may be hard to give. But, please remember that your gift is an investment in the community in which you live and it directly benefits you and your family.
As a public–private non-profit organization, the Main Street Association also facilitates the Water Valley Arts Council which puts zing into our town and liveliness into the community. This year, many of the planned events sadly had to be canceled.
This Main Street program as a community based non-profit organization has laid the path for major and minor improvements alike – from façade grants for buildings to national press that put Water Valley on the map.
Your Main Street Association is and has been networking with  29 government and non-profit economic development and preservation agencies and entities to better this town. Much of that has been future projecting groundwork and efforts to make small and big projects possible and happen.
And we have worked hard over the years to generate positive press for Water Valley with articles, features, and films. Free press, but we had to earn it and get it, and that has a value of over $400,000.
Over the years, Main Street has worked to attract investors, businesses, and new residents to town, not a small feat for a community of 3,400.
If you would like to join, help, or contribute in some way please contact the WVMSA at WaterValleyMainStreetMS@gmail.com or 473-6767. Thank you!

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