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Aldermen Take Steps To Regulate Fireworks In Water Valley

WATER VALLEY – The Water Valley Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to authorize City Attorney Daniel Martin to draft a potential new city ordinance regulating fireworks.
Mayor Donald Gray opened the discussion, explaining he fielded multiple calls back around the July Fourth holiday questioning if there is a city ordinance regulating fireworks in the city.
“The Housing Authority wants fireworks totally banned. I am not a fireworks person, but I think kids and a lot of adults enjoy them. I don’t lean toward totally banning them in the city, but I think we need to set some regulations on usage hours,” Gray explained.
He also noted that fireworks started a few days before the July Fourth holiday and continued days afterwards.
“I got some calls asking why we are letting people shoot fireworks off at midnight. Other than New Year’s Eve, we probably shouldn’t,” Gray continued. “I told the Housing Authority I would bring this up and see what the board thought about it.”
Ward One Alderman Kagan Coughlin noted there are two businesses that sell fireworks in the city.
“But I know my dogs  would appreciate a ban on fireworks,” Coughlin added.
“Mine also,” Gray agreed.
Following discussion, Alderman-at-Large Herbie Rogers motioned to authorize Martin to research the issue. Ward Three Alderperson seconded the motion.
“A really simple, short one,” Coughlin said about the potential new ordinance that would define dates and times that fireworks would be allowed.

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