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Software Engineer In Residence, Terenzio, Returns To Base Camp

                      John Terenzio

Base Camp has welcomed back John Terenzio as Software Engineer in Residence for a third year. He will be working with the students on a weekly basis on coding and career development skills. Terenzio, a remote employee of Airbnb in San Francisco, has also secured space in the incubator in order to bring his links to Silicon Valley into the Everest building.
“It’s really incredible to see this building come back to life as a tech hub in Water Valley. The incubator space is amazing because it brings technology professionals into close proximity with the students, who can benefit from a real-world tech environment just outside their classroom door.” said Terenzio.
Terenzio’s assistance in the classroom not only provides the students a new perspective on content, but also allows them to build a connection with someone who is currently in the software development industry.
With increased space at Everest for the incubator, the coding academy hopes to replicate this model  with more residencies.

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