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York Wins School Board Race

The vote-counting extended into the early morning hours last Wednesday as an unprecedented number of absentee votes were cast in the county. Members of the resolution board (from left) Suzette Shields Ware, Tyler Hill, Christine Fielder, Joyce Courtney and Lamar Burgess (not pictured) meticulously checked the paperwork for over 1,200 absentee ballots before they were inserted into the voting machines to be counted. The group started at 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and finished just after 1 a.m. Wednesday morning.

WATER VALLEY – Kathryn York won the District 4 School Board race in the Water Valley School District and voters will return to the polls on Nov. 24 to determine the winner for the District 3 slot.
York defeated Andy Parrish, 371 to 184 votes, according to unofficial election results.
The Water Valley School Board District 3 race will be settled in a runoff after Angela D. Brown led the three-person ticket with 266 votes but did not receive a majority of the votes cast. She will face Joseph Flippin, who received 228 votes, in the Nov. 24 runoff. A third candidate in the race, Annette Trefzer, received 64 votes.
In a third locally contested race on the ballot, William “Bill” Harris won the race for District 1 Election Commissioner, outpolling Colleen Craven, 696 to 594 votes. Harris will take office in January, replacing Steve Cummings who opted not to seek a fifth term.
Yalobusha County Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney reported over 73 percent voter turnout in the county.


United States President and Vice President
Joseph R. Biden/Kamala D. Harris         2,782
Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence         3,667
Other presidential candidates             81

United States Senate
Mike Epsy                    3,005
Cindy Hyde-Smith                 3,411
Jimmy L. Edwards                  88

US House Of Representatives 2nd Congressional District
Brian Flowers                      3,491
Bennie G. Thompson                 2,975

Supreme Court District 3 Position 3
Josiah Dennis Coleman                  3,544
Percy L. Lynchard                 2,274

Election Commissioner District 1
Colleen Craven                  594
William G. (Bill) Harris                 696

Election Commissioner District 2
Missy Kimzey                     1,008

Election Commissioner District 3
Tammy McMinn Tedford             1,264

Election Commissioner District 4
Gerald G. Booker                 1,145

Election Commissioner District 5
Vivian B. Simmons                 1,036

School Board Coffeeville District 4
Vencie Lawerence Varnado             341
School Board Water Valley District 3
Angela D. Brown                  266
Joseph Flippin                     228
Annette Trefzer                     64

School Board Water Valley District 4
Andy Parrish                     184
Kathryn York                     371

Statewide Ballot Measure 1 (Medical Marijuana)
For approval of Either Initiative No. 65            4,394
OR alternative Measure No. 65 A
AGAINST BOTH Initiative Measure                   1,713

No. 65 and Alternative Measure No. 65 A
For 65                         4,006
For 65 A                     1,396

Statewide Ballot Measure 2
Yes                          5,011
No                          1,191

Statewide Ballot Measure 3 (Flag)
Yes                         4,658
No                         1,770

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