Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

On April 7, I transferred from my home to my second home in Pope with my sister Jimmie and her husband, Bill. I’ll most likely be here through the next week or so.

After my fall last week Sunday, I was not quite able to maneuver by myself without a walker, so we developed a call system for my assistant to help me move safely around the house. We tried a bell system, but it wasn’t loud enough to summon Jimmie, so we developed our brilliant system of using my cell phone to call her so she could be there “Johnny on the spot.” Hopefully this won’t be necessary for long term, but for now it seems to be working great. I’m happy to report that I’m getting stronger each day and am eating well, with many good cooks to serve me. Jimmie’s also helping with meds and such and is a great all-around nurse.

With this walker I’m using, neither my bathroom nor Jimmie’s is well set up for accessibility, so brother Bo has fired up my mother’s old house in Courtland, where we have a fully accessible bathroom that, sadly, she never got to use. For the time being, however, thank goodness it’s there for me.

If you have to do rehab, as I mentioned in a previous article, this is a great place to do it, with great scenery here, cows and calves to watch, and we are sitting on the last beautiful rolling green hill heading off into the Mississippi delta. I always heard “it takes a village to raise a child,” well, it also takes a village to recuperate from serious injury or sickness. My village consists of a wonderful family, great friends, a caring church family, and so many other dear friends who have expressed their love, concern, and support. I love you all.

Right now, my village also consists of a plumber and who knows what else at my house in Water Valley. We’re having some septic issues and need to tie our old system into the new one that is connected to my new (35 years old) house addition. And that led to a discussion of running the kitchen sink off in a pipe down the hill (as all rural houses used to do) or bringing it online with the new septic system.

And that led to the discovery that my old water heater was giving out, so it’s going to need to be replaced. And with the current walker, that led to a discussion of accessibility issues and perhaps putting in a user-friendly big shower, and that led to, and that led to, and that led to….

Doing it right the first time is so much easier than trying to go back and fix out-of-date or not up to snuff work. Always better to spend a dollar when you can rather than trying to save a few pennies and ending up spending lots more money down the road.

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