Let’s Brainstorm As A Community To Find Ways To Let Our Water Valley Teachers Know They Are IMPORTANT

Dear Editor,
I am really shocked that I am writing two letters to the editor in two weeks! Last week, I was writing to encourage transparency and accountability from the Water Valley School Administration and Water Valley School Board. This week is another topic entirely.
Pandemic. Quarantines. The past year has not been easy for anyone. Without doubt, 2020-2021 has definitely taken a toll on everyone. But, near to my heart are our Water Valley School teachers. Every veteran teacher that I have questioned has said that it has been their hardest year ever.
I can only guess at how difficult it was – starting in August with no vaccine and only vague guidelines to instruct them as to how to keep children safe. So stressful! I am in awe of all that our teachers were able to accomplish.
Our Water Valley school teachers are usually treated in the spring for “Teacher Appreciation Week.” White that is extremely important and I’m sure appreciated, I would like to see this appreciation expanded. I have a few ideas that might work, but I am seeking some people (or groups, such as Sunday Schools, civic groups, etc.) to join together to brainstorm ways and means to let our Water Valley teachers know that they are IMPORTANT and APPRECIATED.
If this idea is something that you want to support in any way, could you let me know? I’m not sure that town support has ever been asked for on behalf of our teachers, but this is Water Valley and I am confident that even people WITHOUT children in the school system are willing to help out. Please call me at my home phone, 473-2340 or get word to me. It’s listed under Stanley Crow, if you forget!
Becky Crow

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