With Principal Turnover So High At DES, We Should Examine Ourselves And See What WE Are Doing Wrong

Dear Editor,
My name is Peggy Rotenberry. I have lived here in Water Valley for 18 years. I have had several grandchild attend DES during this time. I have always admired the teachers and staff; I know in the past few years there has been a high turnover in the position of principal.
I was pleased when Trevor Hampton and his family became my neighbors. They are nice, kind and caring people. I was further excited to learn that Trevor would be the new principal at DES. Well, another school year has come to an end and another principal has been let go. I could understand if a few candidate was not a good fit a couple of times… but six times in six years?? When turnover is that high, we should examine ourselves and see what WE are doing wrong.
I stand with Trevor Hampton and his hard work and dedication to DES this year. He is a nice, sincere, kind man and neighbor. Please reconsider his termination.
Thank you,
Peggy Rotenberry

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