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Betty’s Week

Betty’s Week
By Betty Shearer

The Cole house is still very quite with great-niece Caroline away for over a week. Thought sure she’d return to the farm this weekend, but Amory had their Street Ride Saturday and she could not miss it. I’m sure we’ll get her back sometime this week, as she promised to return for a visit before school starts and that’s next week.
I had hoped to return to my house this week, but with the rise in numbers of Covid it’s looking questionable. I usually keep the column on the light side but this week I’m really disappointed by my fellow Mississippians and the entire U.S. population. So many refuse to get vaccinated, wear masks when needed and to social distance and this virus is again gaining ground.
Those of us who have had our shots, wear masks and abide by all the rules still are stuck in our homes because of illnesses and comprised immune systems. I was so looking forward to going home, to church, to work, and even to the grocery store, but I, along with thousands of others, are still stuck at home. Those who are helping to keep these virus numbers rising probably think I’m foolish.
Let me tell you if you get to the point that you have trouble breathing, have to be put on oxygen, or a respirator, you’ll understand my following story. Most readers know that about five months ago I was diagnosed with cancer and that’s a very frightening fight.
However, the most frightening thing I’ve had to go through during these last few months was about two weeks after I first started chemo when I developed blood clots in both lungs. It was a Sunday afternoon and I knew it meant another trip to the Emergency Room. Toughed it out for a couple of hours and then had to admit to Jimmie that I needed help. She immediately loaded me into the van and we headed for the Oxford hospital. There they immediately did a CAT scan, found the clots, and admitted me to the hospital, where I spent two nights and was put on blood thinner.
Thankfully the treatment worked and I was soon breathing normally again. However, I never want to have an illness that causes loss of proper breathing, so I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my lungs working properly – that includes staying out of crowds, and taking the booster Covid shot if necessary. And I pray that all of you who are not vaccinated will get it done and also take all the other precautions to help contain this awful disease.
I realize that there have been a few bad side effects from the vaccination, but I don’t believe any of them are as bad as losing the ability to breathe. If you’re not concerned enough to take care of your own health, take the proper precautions for your loved ones and your fellow man.
The Cole Farm this week is suffering from lack of rain and armyworms. For several weeks the hay fields could not be harvested due to an over abundance of rain, spaced just close enough to keep from getting the grass cut and enough time to cure before baling. Finally the rain stopped, hay was cut and a 100-plus bales were harvested. Now the heat and worms are wreaking havoc on the fields. Also, it is time to wean the calves from their moms, so we’ll probably listen to some troubled moms and calves looking for each other for a few days. Gardens are also drying up and we’re going to miss those B.L.T.s, squash, peppers, cucumbers, peas, corn, beans and other good eating. It was sure good while it lasted. Maybe some gardeners will put in fall gardens and we’ll have a late frost. Bill and his crew have also had trouble keeping equipment operational – even had a couple of tractors lose ACs and that’s bad news in this heat. Here’s hoping for a better week.
I’m now a week and a half out from the last of my 18 weeks of chemo. Am feeling some better and gaining a little strength, however, not as fast as I want, but everyone just advises me to be patient, and I’m finding that I am sorely lacking in that virtue.
We’ve enjoyed watching several hours of the Olympics and it’s very rewarding to see the U.S. athletes doing so well, especially in the aquatic events. Was so sorry that the young pole vaulter from Oxford had to drop out after he tested positive for Covid. He was the projected winner in the event. He’s young though, so I’m sure he’ll qualify for years to come. Looking forward to more wins for the U.S. this coming week.
On Wednesday I have an appointment with Dr. Yates to see what the 18 weeks of chemo has accomplished and where treatment goes from here – will keep you posted.
Bud and Wanda McCluskey and others continue to keep me up-to-date on events at Woodland Hills and in the community. I also continue to receive cards and letters from so many church family members and other friends in the Valley. As always, thank you for your prayers, and other remembrances – they mean so much.

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